[UNBOXING] Affordable Korean Cosmetics From Althea

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In my previous article, I have posted my experience shopping in Althea, an online platform that sells Korean cosmetics and skin care at an affordable price. I was overly excited to open the package, especially because of the great packaging they present.

I've bought 4 main items that was an "editor picks" in their website. I am quite not well informed about current Korean beauty trends, so I've just ordered those that were recommended by the editor of Althea.


1. It's My Perfume Hand Cream

My hands are currently very dry. So I was so tempted to buy these hand cream. These hand cream was detailed to be moisturising without greasing your hand. It comes in 4 options of fragrance. For my purchase, I've decided to choose "Sugar Day" and "Honey Berry". Each of these hand cream was sold for IDR.28.000 in Althea.

2. Mamie Blue Pack Mask From B&Soap

This mask was recommended by the editors of Althea because of it's soothing effect and it's ability to purify pores. I've decided to purchase this because of it's peppermint scent (I'm a big fan of peppermint). The mask looks like the dupe of Lush Face mask. The Mamie Blue Pack was sold for IDR.158.000 in Althea.

3. Under-arm Perfume Peeling Pads

I am never confident with my armpits. My skin is super sensitive and I am allergic to my own sweat. This leads to making parts of my body that tend to sweat to become dark, especially on my armpits area. Of course, this product just sold me in seconds! Plus, it was on SALE! This was sold for IDR.90.000 for 6 packs.

4. Get It Dual Brow Pencilcara in Natural Brown

I am not great when it comes to creating a sleek looking eyebrow. It always took me ages to make a "quite good" eyebrow. So I've always like to try new options of Eyebrow tools. This product has eyebrow pencil that are retractable and an eyebrow mascara in one items. In Althea, this was sold for IDR.125.000.


I was actually supposed to pay IDR429.000 for all of my order. But I've received a discount of IDR.100.000 because of coupon, and an additional discount of IDR.5.600 because of first purchase. I did not have to pay any shipping fee since I've purchased the product in their promotional session where free shipping was applied for every purchase above IDR.300.000. So, in total, I only have to pay IDR.323.400 for all of my purchases. Great deal huh???!!!!!
Let's beautify ourself!!

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