Review: Shiseido Naturgo (Mud) Mask

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I am having a true love and hate relationship with this mask.
The love relationship, you will know very soon why.
The hate relationship? Here's the story. *lebih tepatnya curcol*

A couple of days ago, I went to a cosmetic store in Jogja. As I was busy choosing an eyeliner brush, my eyes stumble on seeing this mask. "Shiseido? Ah, I love that brand" I said to my self in my mind. so I took the mask and ask the sales assistant (SA) how much the mask cost. The SA said it was IDR.5.000 (or around USD 0.50). I was shocked! How come Shiseido cost that cheap?

Naturgo Shiseido Front Package

I asked the SA whether this is a fake or original product. She replied confidently that this is an original product. So I decided to buy it.

Before applying the mask, I spend my time searching about this product in Shiseido official website. And guess what? They don't have it listed in their official website. It is the strongest proof that this product is 100% fake. *pissed*

Then again, I read several review made by several Indonesian beauty bloggers who already had the experience of trying this mask. The conclusion of reading several review is that this product works like wonders. It instantly pull out your white heads.

I felt like crazily insane... *lebay*
You know that feeling when your mom told you not to try something, but you felt the pressure of really wanting to try it because all your friends already tried it and they said they really like it? well, that is exactly how I felt.

With a lot of thinking and considering, I decided to try it out. *naughty girl!*
This review is my main reason of having the courage to try it out.
I really want to share how the mask is, so that all of the beautiful ladies out there could know how this product turns out.

So here's how the "fake mask" experience is like...


Naturgo Shiseido Back Package

It comes in small package that looks a lot like a sample size rather than a full size product. All the details written in the packaging is written in Japanese except the product name (Naturgo) and the brand name (Shiseido).


Only sold for IDR.5.000. Super cheap! As what I have written before, the cheap price makes me *nagatively* curious about this product.

Texture and Smell:


The texture is sticky but a bit runny (unlike the Garnier facial mask that is very sticky).  It does not smell strong. However, it has a very soft citrus+floral smell but with an addition of a slight "chemical" smell.


1 minute after application

15 minute after application

It is quite easy to spread out. However, it is a bit difficult to even in out equally since there is only a small amount of product inside the package. I spread it out with my clean finger instead of a brush. Beware of the eyebrow area. For all peeling mask, I can't say it enough to be aware of the hairs in your face. It gets very painful if it sticks to your hair. One good thing about this product is that it is easy to wash out the left out product that sticks in the finger.

Once I spread it out evenly, I wait for 15 to 20 minutes until the product is completely dry. Then peel it off. After peeling, wash the face with a cold water. The cold water will close down your pores.

After Feeling:

White heads peeling off

Peeling the mask is veeeeerrrryyyyy painful. It's painful because it is so strongly attached to my skin. No wonder it can take away all the white head in my face. Not just white head, I believe the mask also peel of the soft hair in my face. *sigh*

After the product is being pulled out, I saw *obviously* lots of white heads being pulled out and stick to the dry mask. My skin felt dry but not chappy. I personally don't feel any tightening effect.

A couple of minutes after I wash off my face with cold water, I felt some kind of itch in my face. I hope nothing seriously bad happen to my face after this. *finger crossed*



I am very sure that this product is a fake or discontinued product of Shiseido. However, above all the real or fake debate, in my very honest opinion, Naturgo is a very effective product to remove dead skin, white head, or even black heads. It is good for oily skin since it gives extra drying effect after use. For dry or sensitive skin, I do not recommend this product to be used as often.

Will I repurchase?
Even though I quite like the product, but NO.! I am scared of using fake cosmetic product. I will repurchase only if there is a strong proof that this product is a real product.


That's all about what I can share with all of you readers about my experience with this mask.
I hope that this information is useful so that my sacrifice of daring to try this mask pays off well..LOL

Always be aware with fake product ladies..  Don't let the sneaky sellers fooled you with fake cosmetics.. *I know.. I am stupid enough of being fooled..LOL*

Take care ladies..



  1. sigh.. My suspicions proved correct. I just bought this product online yesterday. and the price is cheaper than yours, mine only Rp 1350

  2. Yeah... Next time if a branded make up line is sold way cheap, get suspicious! hahaha

  3. I am in Viet Nam. This is sold in my countries with super cheap price. However, many people like it because it is cheap and effective

  4. I got this mask from my friend and he said that this is original. He also said that he bought it for like 170k idr, each.
    And I believed him.
    After I applied it, there's a burning sensation on my face. So I removed it immediately. But, then, I feel itchy & I found some redness.
    I was so scared. I was. Then I googled it, I thought it was kind of allergy, but, then again, I found an online shop which sold it like 40k idr per dozen. Shiseido in such price? Nonsense.
    I definitely do not recommend this product. Not at all.

  5. i just tried it for the first time, bought it with the same price as yours, it was effective to remove dead skin, but i dont think for the white heads, as i looked closely with my zoomed mirror, i still have the comedos, perhaps it didnt go deeper enough to pull the entire comedo. Yes it was very tricky knowing the brand "shiseido" itself sounds expensive. I still have one more pack, i might try it different way when applying for the second time and see if it will be more effective, thank you for your review anyway :)

  6. I never found this product back there in Japan. Last year, my cousin let me tried it and the result was amazing. I never purchased the product, though. I prefer Etude Pumpkin or Oriflame peel-off face mask.

  7. @All: Honestly I still believe that this product is fake.
    Not originally from Shiseido.
    I think it will be dangerous if we keep on using it in a routine.
    Always be careful..

    Take care..:)

  8. This product definitely fake as you can check at shiseido original website, their Mask product price away too expensive then this little sachet fake face Mask. When you search on google, most likely naturgo reviewer is from indonesian web or blogger, not even Japan company website. I tried once as i couldn't stop My curiosity, it was a gift from a cosmetic online shop when i bought a lipstick. The Mask liquid itself just like a glue, so strange. Anyway, just be a smart buyer :-)

  9. @Rahma Hassan: Yes! Definitely fake.. As I also mention in my review that this mask is more of a glue than a mask.. So scary... I agree that we need to be a smart buyer..:)

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  11. Oh no, I bought it 2 hours ago *sigh

  12. Oh no, I bought it 2 hours ago *sigh

  13. 안녕하세요
    I think shiseido never issued naturgo mud mask product,because in Shiseido official website,i don't find this brand,so i think naturgo mud mask is fake,hum anyone who made fake naturgo mud mask,their is'nt had conscience

    ok thanks for your information, I think it would be very useful^^