April Sneak Peak

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Hei there beautiful ladies. How was your week end?

Today I woke up super late. My sister does so too because we stayed up all night watching X-Factor Indonesia (last night elimination was super fun to watch *sorry*).

My sister was in the super mood of studying. She said she will have a very important big test in a couple of days. But the thing is, she is only in the mood to study if it is outside the house. She said the house makes her sleepy all the time so she spend the days sleeping instead of studying. LOL

So we went to Frank Wurts which is a small cafe selling German Sausages. Why there? Well, it's simply because it is super cozy *and not too crowded*. I'll share some mouth watering picture here. Be prepared to get "hungry"..!!! *hungry for food and hungry for makeup..lol*

Beff Sausage + Sauted Vegies + Mashed Potato + Blackpepper Sauce

Beef Cheese Sausage + Sauted Vegies + Pan Fried Potato + Champingnon  Sauce

My sister is studying really hard *such a contrast with me..lol*

My lil sister

Me! *no fancy make-up day*

Anyway, while my sister is studying, I've made myself occupied by watching Youtube, blogging, and of course *the most important thing* taking pictures for my posts. The location is great and the lighting were okay. So I bring some of the items that will be featured in my posts very soon this couple of month. Here's the sneak peak of what I will be posting next. And guess which one will be posted first..:)

April Sneak Peak

Have a blast week end ladies..:*