Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette VS Naked 2 Palette

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Hei Beautifoe ladies..!

I know I've been in love with Indonesian cosmetics lately. So the posts I posted these previous days mostly are related to cheap local cosmetics products.

Today, I'm going to write about a quite high end cosmetics product that is known all over the world. It is the all time favorite Urban Decay Naked Palette.

Since they have two series of Naked Palette, I'm going to do a comparative review between these two. So lets get seriously fun!


I bought both of my palette a couple of months ago while I was still living in the UK. Both of them were bought in Debenhams, United Kingdom. I have to admit that these two palettes are the most expensive palettes I have. I don't own too much high end product. In my personal opinion, the price of these palette is super expensive. Each of these were sold for GBP 36 (around IDR.576.000). I rarely spend that much money on make up (almost never, to be exact). But these two palette I bought as a graduation present for myself! *LOL.. Is there such a thing?*

Each of both palette has 12 beautiful colors. The texture is very smooth and pigmented. It is blend-able so it makes it very easy to blend one color with the other. The color range could be used for nude look until smoky. The product sticks very well to your eyelids and does not smudge easily. When you apply the product, it is long lasting. Especially if you use eye shadow primer before putting on the eye shadow. It can last all day with it. Most importantly, it does not crease at all even though you have used it in a quite long hours. In Indonesian I can say it "ada harga ada rupa", which means similarly to "quality comes in a price".

Naked Palette 1

Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette

The packaging of the Naked Palette 1 is a kind of cardboard box with a suede lining as the cover. It has a magnet attached that will secure the product so it can be carried safely. It comes with a small mirror which *to be honest* I don't really use because the size is too small and I barely can't see anything. Because of the packaging materials, the package of the Naked Palette 1 is quite fragile. You have to be very careful if carrying it for travelling. Make sure that you put it in a very safe place that limits its chance to get bent or wet.

The palette comes with a medium sized single eye shadow flat brush. For me, the brush is best used to apply the eye shadow to all over the eye lid (base color). The stick of the brush is made from a metal material while the brush is made from a synthetic materials.

Naked 1 Palette Brush

I love the color combination in the Naked Palette 1 series because it is very daily wearable. There are 2 matte colors which is Naked (light brown matte) and Buck (chocolate brown matte) that are super great as a base color and also blending color. The 7 shimmer colors is dominant to brown which is very wearable for everyday makeup. The rest of the 2 colors (Creep and Gunmetal) is a black and gray shimmer color that can create a great smoky eye make up.

Left to Right
(Virgin + Sin + Naked + Sidecar)
Left to Right
(Buck + Half Baked + Smog + Darkhorse)
Left to Right
(Toasted + Hustle + Creep + Gunmetal)
SWATCH Left to Right
Virgin + 
Sin + Naked + Sidecar + Buck + Half Baked + Smog + Darkhorse
Toasted + Hustle + Creep + Gunmetal

My favorite color in the Naked 1 Palette is Naked and Smog. Naked is just the best color for blending out harsh edges. The color is not too dark so it does not show when being used as a blending color. The color it self also have a smoothing effect which makes the eye make up looks more smoothly finished. Smog is the color I love for putting in the outer lid in my everyday look. The brown shimmer color is not too dark for me so my eyes does not look over dramatic in my everyday make up.

Naked 2 Palette

Naked 2 Palette

Learning from the Naked 1 experience, I believe Urban Decay had done a fantastic job in improving the packaging design of the Naked 2 Palette. The packaging is made from a steel metal material which makes it more stronger. The mirror is also two times the size of the previous mirror which makes the new mirror more useful for make up application.

The brush included in the palette is also a great improvement. Now the brush has two ends. The first end is a medium sized single eye shadow brush that are great for applying the base color. The second end is a fluffy blending brush which is great for blending the harsh edges. The materials of the brush is still using a synthetic materials and the material of the stick is still using a metal materials. The materials used in the brush is all good quality.

Naked 2 Palette Brush
The colors in the Naked Palette 2 in my honest opinion is more dramatic than the Naked Palette 1. The darker shades is a tone darker, while the lighter shades is much more popping bright. That's why I use the Naked 2 Palette more for party or night make up instead for going to work or daily activities. There are 3 matte color (Foxy, Tease, and Blackout). The rest of the 9 colors are shimmer colors. There is 1 color that were available in both palette. The color is called Half Baked which is a shimmery gold.

Left to Right
(Foxy + Half Baked + Bootycall + Chopper)

Left to Right
(Tease + Snakebite + Suspect + Pistol)

Left to Right
(Verve + YDK + Busted + Blackout)
SWATCH Left to RightFoxy + Half Baked + Bootycall + Chopper + Tease + Snakebite + Suspect
 + Pistol +  
Verve + YDK + Busted + Blackout

My favorite color in the Naked 2 Palette is Foxy and Suspect. Foxy is the perfect color for highlight. The soft matte color pops out the look without making the eyes looks too over done. Suspect is a soft sultry light taupe color that works marvelous as a base color.



Both of the palette is great in quality. They are all light weight. However, the packaging of the Naked Palette 2 is much more appealing compared to the Naked Palette 1. Even though both of them are sold in the same price, I personally perceived the Naked 2 Palette as more "expensive" looking.

Do we need to own both of them?
Not necessarily. Depending on your need. If you prefer more of a daily wearable soft look, than Naked 1 Palette is more suitable. If you prefer more of a dramatic daily or party look, than Naked 2 Palette is more suitable. But if you are a make up freak like me, having both of them is just so tempting..:p

If I can only choose one out of those two, which one will I choose?
Definitely Naked 1 Palette! I use make up mostly for doing work related activities. Most of my activities prefer more of a natural bold look that is not too dramatic. Even though I don't really like the fragile packaging of the Naked 1 Palette, the colors inside the packaging is more of the colors I need more often. It's an eye shadow palette. So the eye shadow color inside the palette is the most important factor right?



  1. waaahhh bahayaa >.< keren reviewnya dear. Thanks ya udah mampir blogku, :)
    thanks comment-nya juga :D

  2. @Devi: You're welcome... Thank you juga sudah mampir blog aku..:)

  3. awesome review!! I love this palette!

  4. Karena ga punya yg pertama do you think it's worth the money for me untuk beli Naked 2 ini? Keracunan parah, terutama emang lagi nyari warna2 shimmer tapi pigmented tapi juga ga terlalu hore kayak Fun/Feminine Palette keluaran UD juga. Makasih reviewnya ya ^_^ Fansi

  5. halo...
    boleh bantu saya, dimana bisa beli urban decay naked 1 yang ori di jakarta?

  6. @Fansi: It's worth the money if you really like shimmer colors dear...:)

    @Kerik Putih: Kalo untuk "toko" yang menjual UD di Jakarta saya tidak tahu. Biasanya saya kalo beli produk UD, saya beli online di toko online langganan saya.

    1. Hi Handini. Wow reviewnya lengkap bangeeed. Boleh share online shop tempat kamu beli? Thanks ya. Udah naksir berat sama palette 3 tp katanya masi pre order di us

    Aku ada stock NAKED 2 nihhn bawa dr luar... Cuman bbrp palette aja...
    Yg pengen, bisa hub aku yaaa :D ​​​нεнε ¨☺¨ нεнε

    # Ivana 08194216190 / 25CE8837

    ☺ tнänκ чöü ☺

  8. @Jane: Yups.. Aku juga craving Naked 3.
    Tapi harus pre-order lumayan lama karena katanya di US juga fast selling.
    Kalo make-up ori (including Naked Palette), aku biasa beli di "LaBelleDesire".
    Coba deh cek instragram nya.
    Dia banyak ready stock nya juga.
    Tapi untuk items lainnya lebih ke PO.

    1. Thanks yaaaa buat infonya. Aku coba contact labelledesire :) Inpo2in yah kl uda berhasil dpt pallete 3 ;)

  9. @Jane: Aku udah dapet Naked 3. hihihihi.. So Excited to play with it..

    Review will be up soon...!!!!


  10. Din... Makasih udah promoin LaBelleDesire yah?

    Udah ready lagi nih Naked2 sama Naked3 nya..

    Anyway, this is my new personal blog. Masih dikit sih postingannya.. Yuk coba diintip, terus kasih masukan ya din?


  11. You're very welcome..:)
    Anyway, sekarang lagi craving Two Faced Chocolate Palette nih..

    just never got enough of makeup..:p