Review: Ovale VS Garnier Facial Mask

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TGIF beautiful ladies!
Let's celebrate the end of a busy week days starting by pampering the skin of your face.

In this post, I would like to review on two facial mask products. This would be more of a comparison review between the facial mask produced by Ovale and the facial mask produced by Garnier. I hope this post could give you useful information about the facial mask to get.

Just to let all the beautiful ladies out there know, I spend more than a week writing this review. It's not because this is a very long post, but because I have to skip couple of days before trying on the second product. This makes my review less biased, because by skipping days, I can better review the true quality of each products.

Because this is a comparative review, so both of the face mask I am reviewing is similar to each other. They both have lemon extract.

So here are the reviews..


Garnier vs Ovale

Both Ovale and Garnier comes in a small plastic packaging. I think it is a great idea so it is easy to carry while travelling.

The only difference between these two product is Ovale is designed for one time usage doses. So there is no separation in the packaging.

In the other hand, Garnier is designed for two time usage doses. So there is a separation on the packaging which you can cut of when using. Then you can keep the other half for your next time usage.

Ovale consists of 15g of product in one package. Garnier has 2x6ml (12ml or about 16g, or 8g for each doses). Since Ovale is designed for one time usage doses, this shows that we put twice as much product to our face compared when using Garnier.

I personally felt that using 15g of product in one time usage is too much. So when applying, it felt that the mask I am using is very thick. I even have to put the product on top of each other for several time in order to finish the Ovale product.

In the other hand, I felt that the Garnier content is just so enough for one time doses. 6ml of product in every usage is just enough. Not too much and not too less. The product (one doses of Garnier) is enough to cover up all my face area without having to over cover it.

Both of the products is highly affordable and easily accessible. I believe they are both available in almost all supermarket in Indonesia. I bought mine at Superindo Jogja which is a grocery store in Jl.Kaliurang. Garnier is priced for IDR.14.250 (two time doses). Ovale is priced for IDR.5.290 (one time doses).

So looking at the price, of course Ovale is slightly cheaper than Garnier. However, the gap of prices between the two product does not differ much. Yet most of you might agree that both are highly affordable facial mask.

Product Promise:
Even though both of them has lemon extract on their product, it does not mean that they promise the exact same thing. Ovale focuses on Acne treatment while Garnier focuses on Lightening treatment. Both of them also promises the effect of reducing dullness of skin and skin tightening.

Texture and Smell:

Ovale Texture

Garnier Texture

They both have very different type of texture. Ovale texture is creamy. It has a very strong citrus smell. Garnier texture is more on sticky like gel. It also have citrus smell. However, the smell of Garnier is not as strong as Ovale.

In applying both of the product, I use only my fingers to do so. The reason why I use my finger instead of a brush is so that I know how the texture felt and I also will not waste any of the products sticking on the brush.

Both of the product needs 15 minutes of setting time.

Ovale Application

The Ovale product is easier to apply on. This is because it has a creamy texture which makes it very easy to glide on and spread. When first applying Ovale, it felt wet and creamy. After 15 minutes or more, the texture becomes smooth and hard. We can see several cracks in several areas that moves a lot (ex: mouth area). To remove the product from the face, it require us to wash is with clean water. So it is similar to other traditional face mask product available in the market.

The number one thing that bothers me a lot about Ovale is that I felt a tingle of pain on my face while waiting for it to set. It's not too painful but it is quite disturbing. Perhaps in my face, the Ovale product is a bit too strong.

Garnier Application

Garnier is more trickier to spread because the texture is like a sticky gel. Almost like glue. The amount of product inside one dose of package is just enough for the face. So you might have to carefully spread the product evenly so that there is no space that did not get the product applied. I don't feel tingle of pain all over my face. However still, I only felt the tingle of pain in areas where I have small irritation.

After 15 minutes, you will feel extra tight. I can't even smile since it's so tight. To take the product off your face, you will need to peel it off carefully from the bottom to the top. That is why you also have to be careful with your hair and your eyebrow. If the product sticks in the hair, it will be very painful when you are going to take it off. But to be truthful, I have a lot of fun taking the mask off from my face.


After Feel:

For Ovale, my face felt really dry after I clean of the facial mask. Perhaps this is because it is designed for serious Acne treatment. The most uncomfortable part in this treatment is washing my face in the end to clean the products from my face. It is not an easy thing to do. The product sticks so much to my face. Because after drying, the product is more like a strong clay instead of a powdery texture, it makes it so hard to clean. I have to rinse it many times to get it fully cleaned. It is also quite painful when some of the residues of this product accidently hit my eyes.

Garnier Peeling Process

For Garnier, the first time I finish peeling off the mask, I felt that my skin is very bouncy. But it still feels a bit sticky. So I rinse my face with water, and dry it with a clean towel. After that, I felt an instant smoothness and bounce. I don't feel my skin is drying at all (which I like very much). Again, I had lots of fun peeling the mask. I know it looks a bit awkwardly disgusting the way I played with my mask residues.. *face palm*


Ovale : 6.5 / 10 (Repurchase? ---> Maybe. But in other variants. Then see if I like it or not)
Garnier: 8 / 10  (Repurchase? ----> Definitely YES! But it will be nice if you have more variants to try)

What to do next?
Just enjoy your wonderful week end with a clear pampered skin that makes your look more fabulous.

Have a great week end ladies...


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