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I've been so happy lately knowing several websites that enable me to shop at the best price since it is sent from the product home country. One of the website that I fall in love with is www. that provides Korean Makeup sold at the best price we can get in Indonesia.

Althea website were launched in June 2015. So it is still a very new company. However, their website and service is very advanced. Their headquarters are in Gangnam-gu, Korea and Singapore. They adapt their website based on countries of customer. So if we are located in Indonesia, make sure you entered the Indonesian website ( They also have one for Malaysia and Singapore. 

Althea Indonesia: Best Price Guarantee

The products sold in this website are Korean cosmetics. Most of them are the products that are not yet available widely in Indonesia. They are all sold in discounted price. Thus the price is way bellow the counter price in Indonesia.

Althea Indonesia: Product Authentic Guarantee

Although they are sold in a crazy discount price, they claim their product to be 100% authentic with a money-back guarantee. The best price is offered because the website claims that each product were from the main producers in Korea. Thus, what we pay will be the best price offered.

Althea Indonesia: Refund Policy

If we are not satisfied with the product, they also offered a 30 days refund policy. Although if we conduct a refund we have to pay the shipping payment to Korea, however they will return back the shipping payment a maximum of IDR.25.000 that will be given in the form of shopping vouchers that we can use for our future shopping.

In this article, I would tell you guys my likes and dislikes about shopping in this website.


1. Variety of Product

They such a huge variety of product! Most of them are product that I've never heard of in Indonesia. Because of that, it is very fun to try them!

2. Ease of Payment

The payment options is well varied. There is a possibility to shop although you don't have a credit card. Debit card is also accepted. For the Indonesian website, we can also pay through the nearest Alfamart. What you need to do is to just click on the payment options that you prefer best in the checkout payment.

3. Price and Money Converter

Since the website is modified according to countries, the price presented in the Indonesian website has been converted directly to Indonesian Rupiah. So unlike other international website, in Althea, we don't have to be crazily confused with converting the currency of the price we need to pay. We don't also have to worry much about the currency rate since it has been counted automatically by the website.

4. Discounts and Bonuses

Almost all of their product are discounted! Not just the splurged of the crazy discount, customers are also welcomed with a free IDR.100.000 voucher upon signing-up to the website. This voucher could be used without any minimum order. If we're lucky, they also like to send free samples along with our orders. What a bargain!

5. Free Shipping

Althea Indonesia: Free Shipping Policy

If we the product that we've ordered worth more than IDR.500.000, we can get a free shipping from Korea to our door. When I purchased through the website, there is a promotion session that customers could receive free shipping for IDR.300.000 worth of shopping. I cannot be more happy for this!

6. Packaging

The Packaging of Althea Upon Arival

The packaging was great!!! It comes in a beautiful pink box covered with Shocking Pink plastic. Each product was also protected with bubble wraps to ensure that each product does not break apart.


1. Shipping Options and Delivery

During the checkout process, I could not find any shipping options. Unlike any other international shopping websites that allows customer to choose their shipping options from the fastest to the slowest shipping options. 

2. Handling Time

The handling time took a while. It took more than 1 week since I conduct payment to the day I received a notification that my orders has been shipped. That is too long in my personal opinion! I've put my order on Saturday, 14 May 2016, and received my tracking number on Tuesday, 24 May 2016. However, the shipping time was quite fast, counted since the day I've received my tracking number. I've received my package on Saturday, 28 May 2016.


Will I repurchase again from Althea? Definitely YES!!! I love the quality of the product and also the great packaging. The price is a bargain, compared to when purchasing in Indonesia.

That's it for the overview of my comments on the likes and dislikes about Althea. I will put the details of what I've purchased in Althea in a separate article [click here to read].

Thanks for reading beautifoe..!!!

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