[REVIEW]: Sulwhasoo Basic Set

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Sulwhasoo Basic Set (Travel Size Set)

So the story begins when my favourite Obstetricians which is also the sister in-law of my best friend posted a post of her Sulwhasoo purchase. Sulwhasoo is one of the infamous Korean luxury beauty product that many people raved about. Some said that it is the "SK II of Korea". Short story short, I asked her about her instant review on the set and she replied with a very positive feedback. I was so tempted to try.

Since the product itself is so pricy, so I contacted the online shop that I usualy purchase my imported cosmetics at to ask if she has the Suwhalsoo Basic Set in the travel size. Lucky me, she has it! I think it is perfect to give me an opportunity to try on the product for a month or so before purchasing the actual size for millions of rupiah. I've purchased the travel sized sets for IDR.370.000/set.

My Sulwhasoo Basic Set 1 Week Experience:

From Left to Rirght: Balancing Water + Balancing Emulsion + Renewing Cream + First Care Activating Serum + Eye Cream

Day 1:
I tried my first attemp at night time after having a quick search on the internet on the steps to use it. The order of the usage are Serum + Balancing Water + Balancing Emulsifier + Renewing Cream + Eye Cream. I was so happy with the feel of my skin at that instance. It was so soft and elastic. However, when I woke up the next day, my skin is super greasy.

Day 2: 
I woke up with a super greasy skin. Just like my usual morning routine, I wash my face with a luke warm water. After rinsing my face, I was so surprised with how supple my face feels. I never felt that satisfied before with my skin. After taking a shower, I put on the Sulwhasoo Basic Set in the orders just like Day 1. After that, I put on my makeup. It was okay when I was just done with my makeup. But after 15 minutes, my skin becomes glowing as a result of the oils. Then I went to do my routinity. Just during lunch, my face was super greasy. It was so greasy that it basically melts my makeup. Even my waterproof mascara! That was quite a day! Then at night before bed time, I use it again in the same order as Day 1.

Day 3:
After rinsing my face in the morning, I've noticed that my zits has significantly disapeared. I was so surprised with it since it gives me a greasy result on the usage. This motivates me to keep on using the product. I use the same order as Day 1 as my day cream routine. The same result occured. Greasy as always! At night, the same routine was applied.

Day 4:
I've noticed that my pores shrinks significantly giving a more healthy looking skin. In the morning, I still use the same routine. Then I went to Plaza Senayan to ask directly to Sulwhasoo beautycians about the proper way to use it and also delivering my concerns about the product. She gave great advices! So at night, I changed the order of usage into Balancing Water + Serum + Balancing Emulsifier + Renewing Cream + Eye Cream. It is just like what the beautycians suggest.

Day 5:
I still woke up with a super greasy skin. But after a good rinse, my face gets better and better. For the morning routine, I put on the Balancing Water + Balancing Emulsifier + Eye Cream only. The beautycian I met the other day suggested this to make my skin less greasy during the day. And it is true! However, my skin is still greasy although it is not as greasy as the days before it. At night, I use it in the order like Day 4.

Day 6:
Using it the exact same way as Day 5. Similar result.

Day 7:
My skin felt super healthy. The blackheads in my nose starting to melt. However, since I cannot stand the grease during the day time, I've decided not to use the Sulwhasoo Basic Set in the day time. After stopping my usage of Sulwhasoo Basic Set during the day time and switch it to my usual moisturiser, my skin instantly becomes not greasy during the day. However, at night time, I still use Sulwhasoo Basic Set as my night routine.

Quick comments on the Sulwhasoo Basic Set:

• It makes my skin super oily. My skin is oily combination skin. So I believe that the Sulwhasoo Basic Set will suits well for dry skin individuals.

• It is able to transforms our skin into a healthier looking skin in just an instance. I think it is worth the investment to have.

• Due to its greasing effect, individuals with oily combination skin like me might need to re-consider the decision of using it as a day cream routine. I personally had decided to use it as night cream only.

I hope this article can make us less confused (galau) of whether to purchase or not. For luxury skin product like these, I suggest to do research and also trial error with the sample size or the travel size before purchasing the actual size that can cause you fortunes.

Stay beautifoe girls!!