What I do when I buy too pale lipstick?

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Maybelline Bold Matte (Left) + Maybelline Velvet Matte (Right)

I am just so into nudes. That's why I sometimes go crazy when finding nude lips products. Especially if it is drugstore products. I adore..!!! Unfortunately, sometimes the colour looks good on my hands, but pale on my lips.

Those lip colours that were too pale on me used to be just thrown out in my makeup basket to be untouched. Recently I've been experimenting on mixing on lip colours. The pale, mixed with the darker lipsticks or lip gloss.

(Top) Maybelline Bold Matte MAT7 + (Bottom) Maybelline Velvel Matte MAT12

The result is stunning! What I love about mixing colours is the fact that the colours actually tend to be build-able. If you want darker shades, just put on more of the dark colours. And if you want lighted shades, you just need to do the other way around. This is just a great solution to have new colours to your lips without even buying new ones.

After result of the combination

One of the most favourite mixture of colours that I love recently is the Maybelline Bold Matte in MAT7 mixed with the Maybelline Velvet Matte in MAT12. I love the after result of the soft nude peachy pink colour that is so much suited for a natural everyday look.

I can't wait to experiment on more colours!

Handini Audita

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