Trying on the Legendary Leker Paimo

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The Legendary Leker Paimo: The Street Stalls

My husband and I recently just went for a short weekend escape to Semarang. We were aware that our hometown, Jogja will be very crowded during the long weekend period so we've decided to escape to Semarang and Solo for the long weekend. Our main destination in both of those cities are the culinary adventure. Yes.. We both like to bite and munch!

One of the legendary culinary spot in Semarang that many people recommend is the Leker Paimo. Leker is a crispy crepes filled with the desired fillings (usually chocolate chips, cheese, condense milk, or peanuts). However, Leker Paimo also provides the savoury flavour such as spicy tuna or beef sausage that is served and made like an omelet. The savoury flavour is something that I found unique in Leker Paimo since it is not found in any other crepes store

Leker Paimo is just a small stall of street food located right in front of Loyola College/High School that can be found at Jl. Karanganyar No.37, Semarang. The stall is open since 10AM till 5PM. However, since it is very crowded, it is important to come early to get our order just like what we've wanted. The price of each portion is very affordable starting from IDR.4000 (around 40 cents) to IDR.10.000 (less than 1 dollar). Although it is sold in a very affordable price, the taste is quite good. It is classic and authentic!

Waited patiently under the trees

On the first day of our arrival, we went straight to Leker Paimo. If not mistaken, it was about at 4PM. We did not know its operating hours at first. We did not expect that it is that crowded also. Upon our arrival, we were asked to write our orders in a piece of paper with our name in it. That we were asked to wait. And when they meant wait, it is no kidding. We've waited for an hour! Yes, an hour with not certainty of when our orders will be made. But people (including us) still waited anyway.. LOL..!

I was joking with my husband asking him "what if we've waited for so long, and the materials to make our crepes is empty before they are able to make our orders??". My husband at that time answered that they have made a calculation and will stop the people from ordering once they felt that the raw materials will not be enough. So we've patiently waited.

But........ My husband prediction was wrong... HAHAHAHA..!!!

After an hour waiting under the heat, the seller (with no regret) saying that there are no more materials to make the crepes to the buyer that has been waiting for ages in their stalls. ZONK MOMENT!! We were speechless!

The Savoury Crepes

Since I don't want to leave the place empty handed, I've asked the seller if she could just sell the crepes that has been made to us (the unattended orders). The seller agreed, and we received just one peace of the savoury crepes.  I honestly is a not a big fan of the savoury crepes. 

Lesson learned: COME EARLY!

Happily received a full box of crepes

So the the next day, we've decided to come to the location exactly at 10AM. The crowd is not as crowded as the previous day. We also did not wait for the crepes as long as the previous day. Since we don't really fancy the savoury crepes, we've ordered a box of the sweet crepes. I like the crispy sweet crepes with banana+chocolate+cheese fillings the best.

My comment about the crepes.. Well.. It's not bad at all. It's good tasting actually. But in my honest opinion, it's just not worth the wait.