Thank God For The Never Ending Blessings..

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"I've knocked on so many doors before, and God did not let me in. He said "wait".. And He was right.. Once He opened the door for me, everything was in the perfect time.."

The year 2016 has been a blast for me. God has been so kind in giving me presents of blessings that I would never had enough of thanking Him for His blessings. Two of the greatest blessings received this year is being accepted as Ph.D students at RMIT University, Australia and also being an awardee of LPDP scholarship.

Continuing school has been a dream of mine right after I've completed my master degree. I want to be an academician that is an expert in the field of study that I am passionate with. I want to be someone big! Someone inspiring! Someone that is influential enough to deliver good deeds to the world! With all the passion and the vibes that I have, God teaches me to calm down. To wait.. He teaches me a great lesson which at that time I called "failure". Today, I call it blessings..

Why blessings? Well, without the "blessings", I would not be having such a great and supportive supervisors that are so communicative and cared about my study. They have so much passion in the research that I will conduct as much as the passion that I put into. They motivate me and pushed me to my highest limit. Moreover, one "blessings" deliver another "blessings". Being accepted as an awardee for one of the most prestigious scholarship in Indonesia called LPDP. The timing was perfect. I was already settled for my enrolment.  My family is more settled than last year. Moreover, my emotion has been fully settled for my future study.

Being an LPDP awardee had changed my perspective of how Indonesian future will be. As many people put pessimism in the Indonesian future, looking at the people attending the LPDP awardee scholarship event (PK-63 Satya Nagari) deliver faith and positive vibes about Indonesian Future. Indonesia is so blessed to have such gifted yet talented youth that loves their country so much and willingly to work side by side for a better Indonesia.

I met so many great Indonesian individuals in the events. Those with great passion and great personality. Those that are very humble although having many achievements in their shoulders. Meeting them showed me that I have so many things to catch up in order to great. I felt like a piece of dust in the Sahara dessert. They are another motivation for me to work harder, and contribute more to my country.

With love,