[REVIEW]: Nivea Lip Butter

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Nivea Lip Butter

My lips has been super chapped lately. Usualy I use the Paw Paw balm that will instantly cure the dryness of my lips. But unfortunately I ran out of it. It is almost impossible to find Paw Paw Balm in Indonesia, thus I cannot easily repurchase.

So I was very excited finding the Nivea Lip Butter in Guardian. It was sold for IDR.38.000, a very affordable and reasonable price for lip balms.

I have tried the imported version of Nivea Lip Butter. The imported version worls very well at me. So I was wondering if the Indonesia version is as well as the imported version.

In Guardian Yogyakarta, there are 4 variants of the Nivea Lip Butter, which are Original, Vanilla and Macadamia, Raspberry Rose, and Cocoa Butter. I've decided to purchase the Raspberry Rose  and the Vanilla and Macadamia. The reason is simple. It is because I am addicted to vanilla and berries.

Nivea Lip Butter: Raspberry Rose
The Raspberry Rose had similar scent to Soda Gembira, a traditional drink that is famous in Indonesia. The Vanilla and Macadamia had similar scent to Vanilla cake frosting. Yes I'm such a sweet tooth!

Nivea Lip Butter: Vanila and Macadamia

The product comes in a small tin jar filled with 16.7gr of product. The tin jar is very good quality as it is steady and firm. I don't have to worry about it spill in my bag.

The consistency of the Nivea Lip Butter is like a thick packed gel. It is scented beautifully. The smell of the product is very tender and not overwhelming. But it is enough to give motivation to put it on religiously. The thick consistency makes it quite hard to melt. However, I find it positive because it allows us to control the amount of product to be put in our lips. I have to remind you that al little goes a long way.

What I love about the product is the after effect of the usage. Our lips doesn't look greasy at all while it is still very moisturising. Although the Raspberry Rose variant has a slight pink color, when being applied in my lips, it doesn't give any colors at all. I personally love lip balms that does not give colors since it will not effect the color of my lipstick. The Nivea Lip Balm itself is very moisturising. Thus, it does quite a quick job to fix chappy lips. It took me 3 days to fix my chappy lips.

The only dislike that I have is the fact that the product is packaged in a small rounded tin jar. I find it less hygine for the long term since we have to continously dip our fingers in it.

Overall, I really love this product! It is affordable and it really does the job well.

I rate this product to be a 9/10.

Stay beautifoe!!