Updates About 2015: I am Married!!!!

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Hello gorgeous...

Gosh.. I can't believe it's already 2016. Yet again, as what can be seen in my blog, I rarely post an update on my blog content. Sad sad sad!!!!

Many wonderful things happens back in 2015. I can't thank God enough for the blessings and the wonderful life that God had given me till today.

Reflecting on many blessings that God had given me, I would like to highlights an event back in 2015 that has made my life complete. I am married to the man that I love so much!

It was 7th of June 2015, my husband Yovie made a promise to be faithful and loving me for the rest of is life. From that day, till forever.

Being married to him is a wonderful thing. Although there are several ups and downs in our marriage, I felt that my husband are able to deliver many positive things in my life. I appreciate the way he is able to push me to become better each time, everyday. He teaches me many things in life. He teach me to become more humble. He teach me how to become independent with respect. He teach me that to live is to love. I am very excited to pursue more and more incredible journey with him in the future.

With love,