NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (SMLC): My ultimate Favourite

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Hei beautifoe!!!

I believe almost all of you have been aware with this NYX Soft Matte Lipcream (SMLC) that is already in the market since two or three years ago. So far, this is my ultimate all time favourite lip product. First, the texture is thick, not sticky at all, and applied very easily. Second, it smells like vanilla ice cream. Third, the color can last all day long without making my lips super dry. Fourth, it is highly affordable (in Indonesia, I can purchase them for IDR.100.000).

NYX SMLC offers a very wide range of color selections. Here are my ultimate favourite color that I can perfectly use for my everyday look:

1. Cannes

If you love the Kendal Jenner lip look, you will looovvveee this colour. Cannes offer a soft dark rosy pink colour that is very settle and seducing (at some point). What I love about this colour is the fact that it can be used on day or night look. Personally, I always bring this colour in my bag every time I have to go out of town for a couple of days for work and does not want to bring too much makeup in my luggage. 

2. Antwerp

This colour is a very bright orange with a slight pink undertone. This colour is what I use every time I  want a bright pop of colour but does not want the "neon lips". This is just a very fun colour.

3. Stockholm

This colour is the best when I want the "true nude lips". On my lips, using this colour makes me look like not wearing any lip products but without having the super pale lips.

4. Athens

*First of all, forgive my super funky eyebrows..lol*
Athens is a very light pink undertone nude colour. Honestly, this colour tends to be too light for my skin colour. Also, it needs a very thick application to have it finally shows up on my lips. However, I found a great use of this colour. I can use then as a topping colour every time I want to top off my lip liner colour to lightened it up a bit. P.S: On the picture, I use Athens alone. Not as a top off.

Addicted to the SMLC already?

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    1. Boleh banget donks Jeung.. Janina lupa dikasih link ke blog ku ya sist.. Makasiihhhh