LOTD: L'oreal Lipsticks in Fuzzy Taupe

23:03 Handini Audita 0 Comments

I honestly never owned a L'oreal lipsticks before. Why? Simply because I was never able to find the right shade for me. So when I go to the L'oreal counter, I decided to purchase on two shades.

The shade that I fell in love deeply is this nude Taupe colour called "Fuzzy Taupe". Well, I can say that in terms of makeup, I am a "nude addict" - oops that sound wrong... lol

The other shades however seems to be too dark on me. I also receive complaints from my fiance regarding the other colour I bought. So I will not talk about the other color.

Anyway, for the Fuzzy Taupe shade, my fiance actually bought me this color. This were bought in Centro Ambarukmo PlaA. I forgot about the exact price, but I think it's about IDR.145.000.

The texture of this lipstick is actually very moisturizing. The finishing is not matte, but not also shimmery. The texture is actually a big thumbs up. The only downturn of it is that it doesn't last long. It needs reaplication everytime after I eat or drink something.