2015 Favourites: My Holly Grail

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Since this is still the very beginning of the year 2016, I think it is still a great moment to update on my 2015 makeup favourites items. There items are the things that I use solely almost every single day during 2015. So here are the products!


I am a huuugggeeee fan of sweet scented smell. I usually love to use "candy like" scent. But I don't know why that in 2015, I am quite obsessed with a slight of floral scent. Madonna's Truth or Dare Eau De Perfume represents the battle that humans face and that coexists in us all. This fragrance is a sexy and contemporary reinvention of a classic and robust signature white floral fragrance. The top notes are gardenia, neroli and tuberose. At the heart of the fragrance lie the scents of jasmine, white lily petals and benzoin tears. At the smouldering base of the fragrance are the extracts of vanilla, amber and sensual musk aura. This perfume is quite long lasting. I went to work at around 09:00AM till 04:00 PM and the fragrance still stays on well. Another thing that I love about this perfume is the price. It is very affordable compared to the other perfumes that I owned. I bought mine for about IDR.750.000. Cek out @nari_ta in Instagram for purchase.


My 2015 favourite face product has to be the L'oreal Mat Magique BB Essence. What I love about this product is it's great coverage for such a light makeup. The coverage also stays on perfectly for quite a long time. My skin is Oily Combination. I am mostly oily, but there are several corners in my face that is very drying. The only downside I felt on this product is the fact that it can make our face super oily if we don't set it with enough powder. However, I still love it very much due to its consistency and coverage. I bought mine for about IDR.150.000 in Matahari Department Store, Jogja City Mall, Yogyakarta.


For blushes, I adore the Lancome Blush Subtil in shade Chedar Rose. Since I am quite obsessed with the Matte Look, this blush is perfect for the look. The shade is a soft dark pink. The texture is like a very pigmented powder blush. It is delicate and oil free. This blush is quite pricy but I never regret my decision to purchase it. This blush is about IDR.500.000. Bought in Centro, Ambarukmo Plaza, Yogyakarta.


The Sleek Matte Me Ultra Smooth Matte Lip Cream in shade Birthday Suite is a great every day shade that can compliment my daily matte look. The shade is a creamy pink shade. What I love about this product is the shade that are able to match with every look and also the ability of this product to last well in my lips even after eating and drinking. This lip product is also affordable. I bought mine for IDR.150.000 from a friend of mine that helps me to purchase this product from an online shop.


If I have 3 wishes, I might use one of it to wish for longer lashes. Yes.. I am those girls who almost have no lashes. That's why I am always super paranoid when having to use false lashes. My sister actually introduce me to the Bourjois Twist Up The Volume Waterproof Mascara. I fell in love with this mascara right after my first try. This mascara have a multy-function application wand that we can twist into two different effect. The first effect (number 1) is for lengthening, while the second effect (number 2) is for thickening. I combine both effect on my daily basis makeup look. The result? I loveeee it!!!! My lashes looks super full. I bought mine for IDR.200.000 in Sogo, Plaza Senayan, Jakarta.


When it comes to body care, I am not that good on it. I am super lazy on putting body butter or body cream each day everyday. I am quite picky on the things I put on my body skin. I never like things that makes me super greasy for quite a long time after application. So that's why I felt in love with Wardah Hydrating Aloe Vera Gel. The product is able to moisturise and hydrate my skin well during the day and night. It soaks to my skin right after application. The price is super affordable. Only IDR.45.000.I bought mine in Wardah Store at Ambarukmo Plaza, Yogyakarta.


Just like body care, for hair care, I don't really like to invest much on it. I am just too lazy to deal with my hair. I am also not quite skilful when it comes to hair styling. I rarely style my hair in a daily basis. However, I am in love with Tresemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spray because I felt that every time I style my hair with it, it becomes very easy to control and also make the hair style stays on in a quite long time. The after effect of this product is that it makes my hair super shiny and smooth. This is also super affordable. Only IDR.45.000 and can be bought almost at every local groceries store.


Whooootttt!!!!!! Almost forget to write about my ultimate skin care favourite in 2015. It is the L'oreal Revitalift Laser X3 New Skin Anti-Aging Power Water. The power water is just perfect for my oily combination skin. It hydrates well without making my skin feeling extra oily. The water texture of this product makes it very fast to be absorbed by the skin. I felt an instant hydration and extra glow whenever I am using this product. I don't quite remember the price of this product, but I believe it will be somewhere around IDR.200.000.

So that's it for my 2015 favourites. I don't know if I will fall in love with different product in 2016 or will still be using some of my 2015 favourites this year.

Stay beautiful guys..

With Love,
Handini Audita