Bangkok Trip: Hello Kitty House

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When I was a child, I used to looooovvvveeee Hello Kitty. I have tons of their collections. From dolls, toys, play-dough maker, pillows, beddings, until toothpaste. They are cute and always uses the colour pink. Well, like what almost the majority of girls are like... Yes.. I like Pink.. ^_^

In December 2015, my husband and I make a super short escape to Bangkok. We actually have to attend a friend wedding. But since we haven't gone abroad yet after our marriage, so we extend the stay a bit longer to travel.

While we were walking to search for a toy store, we stumble upon a very cute cafe called Hello Kitty House. This cafe literally flipped my mind!!!! I was sooooooo excited to experience the cafe. My husband? Don't ask... Just don't ask how his expression is... lol

The cafe is located just across the Paragon Mall in Bangkok. It is very accessible to the Siam BTS Staton. The mall is called Siam Square. Enter the mall and just walk straight until the other end of the mall. The Hello Kitty house is located right in the other side of entrance door.

The cafe basically sells many kind of desserts. Of course in all of their desserts they have a Hello Kitty picture in it. The decoration of the cafe is all about Hello Kitty. It's like having a tea party at Hello Kitty mansion. The cafe also play the Hello Kitty jingle music all time, every day. It is cute at first, but believe me... This song will be stuck at your head if staying in the cafe for more than 1 hour. hahahaha..

The dessert that I buy is the Hello Kitty Strawberry Shortcake. Although the shape of the cake is ridiculously cute, the taste of the cake is not as cute as it looks. I have to be honest that the taste of the cake is not as good as the cakes sold in many Indonesian upscale bakery. However, the drink that I order is super refreshing. Their Virgin Mojito is so tasty and refreshing.

For the price, it is not too affordable. Compared to several Bangkok desserts that I bought during my stay in Bangkok, the Hello Kitty cafe does not offer the best price. For me, the price is a bit pricy compared to the quality of the cake that we pay for. However, for the experience, it's worth the pay.

I have to admit when it comes to entertainment and creativity, Bangkok has its game!

With love,