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The expensive breakfast journey to Amanjiwo is actually an unplanned trip that was raised after our Borobudur trip. My "Boyfriend At The Moment" (BATM) is such a spontaneous person which fell in love so deeply with photography. So when there is a place that is great for photography, he'll take it!

So after finishing the sunrise experience in Borobudur, we kind of wonder around about what to do next. We drove all the way to Borobudur, so we actually still in hunger for some great pictures. Out of no where, I started a conversation with my BATM about Amanjiwo. A couple of months ago, my best friends went there. So maybe that's the reason why the conversation went up.

Due to the conversation, my BATM deliver the idea to actually go there. I've warned him that it will be very expensive, but he doesn't care since we will have a great experience there. So, we search for the location through Google Map. Great thing that the location is not too far from Borobudur. Just about 15 minutes drive.

The Amanjiwo is a private exclusive resort located in Borobudur. The rate to stay there is about USD350 per night (about IDR.3.500.000) for the most standard room. Very unfriendly for my wallet.. Since we cannot afford to stay there yet, so let's start by trying their breakfast meal first.

When we reach there, we were very lucky that we are allowed to purchase the breakfast package. Due to its exclusivity, the resort will not allow outside guests to purchase the breakfast package when the restaurant is fully loaded with the hotel guests.

There are two options for purchasing breakfast. One is by ala carte, two is by buying the buffet package. The buffet package is USD35 per person (exclude tax and service charge). For one buffet package, we can choose one menu from the ala carte and get any food from the buffet table. We decided to purchase the buffet package (which I regret since we barely can eat anything from the buffet table and we will pay a much cheaper price if purchasing the ala carte). There are not much options in the buffet table. And all of the meat produced contains pork (I cannot eat pork). So technically, what I got from the buffet table is only a piece of croissant and some pieces of fruits. For the ala carte, I ordered a salmon benedict sandwich while my BATM ordered a Mie Goreng (Indonesian fried noodle). We paid (actually my BATM) about IDR.1.000.000 for our breakfast meal.

Although the breakfast meal is not as pleasant as we think it will be, the view and the experience on the other side is actually very stunning. I've never seen a place in Indonesia that doesn't feel like being in Indonesia. I personally felt like being some where outside the country at some point. The building is designed like a Roman Castle that is built in the middle of the high forests. The view from the top is very stunning. There is also a garden porch which defines summer in a more complex way.

What I love more about this place is the pond that is filled with beautiful water Lilly. I am such a great fan of water Lilly. I think they are very beautiful. I can't describe the happiness I have on me seeing these water lilies.

We actually dying to explore more on the Amanjiwo resort to take more beautiful and stunning pictures. Unfortunately we can only explore the restaurant area since all the other are of the hotel is a private area which only hotel guests can enter. Too bad...:(

Well, hope some day after we get married, we can manage to save quite enough money to spend for staying at this resort. Or, how about praying for someone kindness in giving us a voucher to stay there as a wedding gift? hahahaha... Let's hope so...

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