Beauty Treat Indonesia: May 2013 Box

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Aloha Beautifoe!

I've been so busy with my new job lately. So I sort of does not have the time to blog. But I hope things will get well soon and I can start blogging regularly again..:)

I was super excited after coming home from work seeing a package from Beauty Treat Indonesia. I receive the box on Wednesday. They send me quite a heavy package, so I just can't wait to see what is inside it.

The box was so well packaged. Yes, they mistakenly wrote "Mrs". *I'm not married yet!!!!* >.<

Opening the box, there is a small note for me..

Then there's another pink box.

Vouchers and promotional fliers.

Get ready for the most interesting part. Are you ready to see what's inside it..????

1. D'Eyeko Lashes (Real Size)
I saw lots of review about this lashes. Eventhough I'm not quite a "lash girl", but I'm quite excited to try it on.

2. Face On Face Blush On (Real Size)
Quite affordable blush on. I have not tried it yet. Very excited to try this on since I'm so obsessed with pink blushes.

3. Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural (Test Set)
I love Make Up For Ever. But too bad that the sample size given is so small. Plus, I see glitters on the lip colors they send. Glitters are a big no no to put on my lips. >.<

4. Acnes Pore Strip (1 sachet)
I'm always a bit skeptical about pore strips. I just always feel that it cannot do their job well.

5. Hada Labo Gokujyun Ultimate Moisturizing (15ml set)
Consist of lotion and the face wash. I love Hada Labo. But I haven't tried the moisturizing version. So I'm very excited to try it out.

6. Rudy Hadisuwarno Hair Repair Serum (Real Size)
I have a very damaged hair. So I hope this will work well on me.

7. Koji Eyeliner Pencil (Sample Size)
I'm not a fan yet for Japanese or Korean cosmetics. So this is actually one of my first trial on Korean/Japanese eyeliners. And this is a very generous piece of sample size.

8. Masami Shuko White Puff (Real Size)
I rarely use this kind of puff. So I hope I can make a good use out of it.

So that's about it. The May Beauty Treat Box was full with skin care product because their theme this month is to go back to basics. To be honest, I am more excited to try on Make Up products instead of Skin Care product. Because I have an opinion that in order to review on skin care products, sample size is never enough. But in the other hand, for Make Up products, I can evaluate the product quite well even if it is just in one sachet of sample size. However, I'm quite excited to try on some of the skin care and hair care products that I got from Beauty Treat this month.

Here are the top 3 products that excite me the most:
(+) Koji Eyeliner Pencil
(+) Face on Face Blush On
(+) Rudi Hadisuwarno Hair Repair Serum

Here are the bottom 3 products that excite me the least:
(-) Masami Shuko White Puff
(-) Acnes Pore Strip
(-) Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural