Short Review: Koji Eyeliner

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Hei Beautifoe!

This post will be a very short review on my first impression on the Koji Eyeliner that I receive from the May Beauty Treat box. For those of you who have not read my post about the May Beauty Treat box, well FYI, one of the product being sent out to me is the very generous sample size of the Koji Eyeliner. 

So the pencil is like a retractable thin tube that I can twist whenever I needed more length of the product. I really like retractable packaging since I will not need a pencil sharperner for it. I have no idea why I am never good with a pencil sharperner. So that's why retractable type of pencil is always great to go for me.

The texture of the product for me is like a crayon. For me, one slide of it is not enough. So it needs quite a thick and generous amount of layers in order to receive that jet black consistency. Because of that, I quite find it difficult to draw a thin line with it.

One of the most great thing about this product is that it is smudge proof. I always have the perception that crayon type of eyeliner will smudge easily. However, I did not find it like that at all for the case of Koji Eyeliner. After a good 1 minute, the eyeliner will set. When it has been set, it will not smudge at all. Plus, it does not smudge throughout the day even when I have such an oily skin.

Will I purchase the full size? Well.... I might. I like this product, but I don't love it. For me, the difficulty level of the eyeliner application is very important since I am not an eyeliner expert. So since the Koji Eyeliner was so difficult to draw thin lines with, I just lost my love for this product.

Have a blast day ahead everyone..

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  1. I used the pencil and the liquid liner, they're great! Have you try those two products?

  2. No I haven't..
    But so tempted to try though..:p