Our Little Kartini

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It's still April. So I hope it's not too late to post about Kartini Day.

Kartini is an Indonesian woman born in the year 1879. She is an icon for woman emancipation in Indonesia. At that time, when Indonesia is still occupied by the Dutch, Indonesian women cannot go to school. So Kartini strive to fight for Indonesian rights to receive proper education.

R.A. Kartini
So perhaps because of her, Indonesian woman can go to school as high as we want. And achieve our dreams no matter how high it is.

Thank you Kartini.. :)
As modern Kartini, 5 years ago my mother and I developed a school to give great early education for children of Indonesia. We called the school, Golden Kidz.

Alhamdulillah, 5 years after our scholl is established, we can educate 50 children of Indonesia.

In 27 April 2013, we celebrate Kartini Day and also Golden Kidz Birthday by making a little fashion show. The kids are so adorable. Most of them wears Indonesian traditional clothes. Here are the sneak peak..:)

My mom is giving an opening speech.. Such a formal thing to do in any ordinary Indonesian formal events.

This is me with one of the student. He is wearing a traditional clothes from Palembang.

Her name is Sekar. She is our youngest student. She is wearing a Balinese traditional dress. Does't she looks adorable?

The boys also join the Fashion show. While waiting, they are playing with their gadget. Kids these days... >.<

These kids are our treasure. They just won several competition in the past couple of months. So they got an award from Golden Kidz as an appreciation of their great performance. Great job kids!

The kids are doing their performance. Some of them sing, and some of them dance.

These are the teachers and staffs of Golden Kidz. You guys are awesome! I'm blessed to have a great team like all of you..:)

Now it's time for ME TIME..!!!!! Lol

Here's my FOTD. I did my own make up and hair do. I'm using a simple purple look. The hair do is just a simple classic up do inspired by the victorian / British up do.

The outfit of the day is a simple classic traditional clothes from the land of Batak. Purple top and a purple traditional fabric used as a skirt. I topped up the look by using a traditional Ulos in my chest. The Ulos is given from the owner of Karsitex Ulos. It is awesome.. Thank you for the beautiful Ulos..:)

Last but not least, the nails! I'm using this soft milky purple color by Revlon. The color is in 360 Mischievous. I love the purple so much because it's classic and soft. It is great to wear in formal events and formal clothing. What's best, is that it matches my clothes on that day...:)

Much Love,