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Yesterday I went to Solo with my dad. It was one of the longest journey to Solo that I've ever experienced. It takes about 2.5 hours drive journey. Usually it only takes 1 hour drive trip from Jogja to Solo when the traffic is normal. But yesterday, the traffic is hell crazy.

We stayed in one of the budget hotel called Fave Hotel. It is a subsidiaries of the Aston Hotel. Here are the details about our stay.


Located in Jl.Laksamana Adi Sucipto No.60. The location is near the Manahan Monument. It is 5 minutes drive from Solo Square (one of the mall in the city). It is also about 15 minutes drive from the Solo King Palace.

Room Rate

The room rate starts from IDR.288.000 (USD 25) per night for the room only service. The rate depends on the season rate and also the type of rooms we choose. But for me, it is very affordable and worth the price.

Hotel Details and Utilities

There are many Paddycab (Tuk Tuk / Becak) ride available right outside the hotel.

The lobby is very minimalist and simple.

The front desk is also minimalist and simple. The service action (service blueprint) of the front desk is international standard of a hotel service.

Mini fending machine is available for guests to purchase (as the substitute of the minibar). The price does not differ much compared if the drinks is bought in outside stores.

Lifts are available for guests. The lift is small but enough to fit about 6 people.

The Room

The door uses electronic card keys. Very modern.

The room is just enough for 2 person. Very minimalist and space efficient.

The beds has shocking pink theme. As a girl, I like it. But I don't know why, the theme of the bed reminds me so much of the family karaoke room in Happy Puppy. Out of everything, the bed is very comfortable.

Small working table. Very small to be exact.

Flat screen TV available. Not much international "English speaking" channel.

There is no minibar available in the rooms. But a good quality safety box is available to put the precious belongings.

The Bathroom

Clean and space efficient bathroom. Free toilet trees available is only toothbrush. Complimentary water drinking water bottle is available. Towels for 2 guests is also available. Hairdryer is not available in rooms, but is available upon request for free of charge. The only constrains about the bathroom is that there is NO garbage bin available.

The shower has hot water. But the heat of the warm water is not heated enough.

Bathroom lighting is great! Here are my FOTD taken inside the bathroom. No light editting is done.

Breakfast Buffet

The restaurant is not too big but enough to fit a fair amount of guests. Smoking area is available. The variation of food is not as much as the standard hotels but there is a fair amount selections of food. The main course is more of Indonesian dish.

Bread and toasting zone is available with only white bread, strawberry jam, pineapple jam, and margarine available. *Yes, margarine.. Not butter..*

Egg stalls is available outside where the smoking area is. So if we are in the non smoking area, we had the advantage of not having egg smell stuck to our clothing after finishing the breakfast.

Drink corners has tea, coffee, and guava juice.

Salad bar is not too complete. There is only two types of fruits available (papaya and melon).


This hotel meets the price perfectly. The service is great. The hotel is clean and my stay in this hotel is very comfortable. Because of the small bedroom, this hotel is best for business trip but is not recommended for leisure stay. The location is fair enough because it only needs small amount of driving time to go to the city center. However, it is not in a walking distance scope to reach the city center and tourist attraction.

Also, there is a consideration of a very small parking lot. It is a bit difficult to place a big SUV car in the parking area.

There are small baker shop nearby in walking distance (Purimas and Roti Oen). Pharmaceutical stores is also available in 3 minutes walk (Kimia Farma). There are also many Fruit Stalls sellers in a 3 minute walking distance. No restaurant is found in a walking distance scope, but at night there is a Seafood food stall in a 5 minute walk distance.

Will come back again to stay in Fave Hotel in the future? Definitely yes!


  1. modern ya. aku suka hotelnya :3

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  2. @Inge : Yups... Sangat terjangkau pula harganya.. hehehhe

  3. Hm, nice yah, Fave Hotel is a brand of many properties in Archipelago International Group, and Aston also one of them.. Hehe seneng lihat reviewnya, sy krj di Aston Hotel di Samarinda, Kaltim. Coba deh kpn2 klo holiday cobain di Aston yah, tp Fave jg gpp deh heheh :p

    Mampir donk and follow blog sy, tp msh baru ^^


  4. @Karlina

    Saya beberapa kali menginap di Aston dan selalu puas. Pokoknya thumbs up for Aston..:)

    Pengen banget nih ke Samarinda.. Ntar kalo ke Samarinda aku menginap di Aston deh yaa...:)

  5. Siippp ... Usahain klo nginep di Aston isi'in guest survey yah, untuk review & pembenahan heheheee

    Jgn lupa ya mampir & follow blog baru sy ..


  6. Great review....the quality of picture is great too....