Chapter One Steak House

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For those food lover and meat lover in Jogja, you MUST try this new restaurant.

Chapter One Steak House!!!!

This new restaurant is just open a couple of days ago. So it's still fresh in the market. As fresh as the meat.

Located in Jl.Damai, Gang Watu Gede No.7, Yogyakarta, the restaurant is very peaceful and easily accessed. Another plus thing about this restaurant is the wide parking lot which is very convenient to park.

The chairs and tables is quite convenient for a long chat. So it will be great if you want to enjoy chit chat dinner with family and friends. The waiting time for the food is one of the concern. Perhaps because all the food is freshly made, you might have to be a bit patient waiting for your order. But trust me, it is worth the wait after you taste your great delicious meal!

They have a clean open kitchen. So the hygiene factor is quite guaranteed..:D

So this is what dad, sister, and I ordered.

Strawberry Smoothies
It is very refreshing. The yogurt is not too sour which makes the drink very delicious. Sold for IDR.12.000. I give this drink a 7/10 mark.

Strawberry Milkshake
I have to say that this milkshake is the BEST milkshake I've ever taste in Jogja. The taste is so milky and creamy. Not too sweet and not too watery. Sold for IDR.15.000. I give this drink a 9/10 mark.  Great job Chapter One!

Cream Soup Chicken
This is a good cream soup. The consistency is great. Not too thick, not too liquid. Sold for IDR.10.000. It's so worth the price. I give this soup a 8/10 mark.

Local Beef Tenderloin Steak
The size of the meat is thicker than what I expected. The meat is not too tender and a bit too salty for me. Sold for IDR.28.000. Looking at the size of the meat, I think it's worth the price. I give this steak a 6/10 mark.

Norwegian Salmon Steak
LOVE THE STEAK! Especially for those salmon lover out there, this steak is a must try. I love the tenderness of the meat and the crispy skin of the salmon. Sold for IDR.40.000. I give this steak a 8/10 mark.

Australian T-Bone Steak
I have to say that this menu is the star of our order. It is the best! The meat is very tender. The taste is very authentic. The size of the meat is enough to make us full. This is a MUST BUY menu. Sold for IDR.55.000. I think that price is cheap for a plate of Australian T-Bone Steak. I give this steak a 9/10 mark.

Fried Banana
The owner of Chapter One Steak House is super nice! Because we arrive super late that night, perhaps we were their last customer of the day. That might be the reason of the owner giving us this complementary dessert. I love how the banana used is a mature banana. So the sweetness that comes from the fried banana is a natural sweetness from the banana it self. If you wish to buy this, it is sold for IDR.8.000. I give this dessert a 8/10 mark.

Curious to try?