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When was the last time I went to an amusement park?
I think it was about 12 years ago. Yups... So long ago..:(

I remember it was when I was still 9 years old. My parents went to Saudi to take their Hajj. So my sister and I spend our days in my cousin house. So during the week end we went to Dufan, an amusement park in Jakarta.

I've been wanting so bad to go again to an amusement park during my early adult age. But unfortunately everyone in the house is very busy. So we never got the chance ever since.

Oh well.. Too bad..:(


Last week end, during the easter break, I spend a couple of days staying at Purwokerto (my parents house). I arrive at Purwokerto on the 28th of March to celebrate my dad's birthday. I was planning to go back to Jogja on Sunday. But my dad ask me to go with him to the grand opening of an amusement park in Tegal, which is also a small city located about 3 hours drive from Purwokerto. My dad got an invitation straight from his pal which is the owner of that amusement park (proud of you daddy! got free ticket! LOL)

I got excited since I've been wanting to visit an amusement park so badly. Since it is located in a very small city, so I know what to expect. I don't put my expectation too high on how the new amusement park will look like. But still I was very excited looking forward for seeing that new amusement park.

Short story short, we woke up extra early. I think it was around 4 a.m. We leave the house at around 6 a.m in order to be able to arrive on time for the grand opening.

With Pak Sarlam driving (my dad's driver), the travelling felt so fast (*read* he drove so fast).

We manage to arrive just in time for the grand opening ceremony. Just like any other "grand opening ceremony" in Indonesia, everything was very formal. There were prayers, super long speech by many important people, and the sound of a Gong that symbolized the opening of the park. The only entertainment in the grand opening ceremony is the welcome dance.

Grand Opening Stage

Welcome Dance

The Mayor Is Giving His Speech

Finally after waiting for quite long, for the first time we can witness the new amusement park. Yayyy!!!!

The park is actually above what I imagine it to be. Their concept in my perception is to make a better forms of "pasar malam". There are about 10 attractions on the park. There is quite a balance between attractions for kids and the attractions for adults. The distance between one attractions with the other is not that far. It's a nice thing because we don't have to be too tired on walking to reach from one attraction to the other. But, I just can't imagine how it will look like if there are thousands of people entering the park. It must be very crowded.

The first attraction we went to is the Ghost House simply because the entrance is the most appealing compared to the others. Plus, I'm quite of a "ghost fans".. Ooops...

Ghost House Entrance

The Ghost House in my honest opinion is not that scary. In fact it is not scary at all. But scary or not is very relative. So you might have to check it out yourself.

The best ride ever in Rita Park is the 5D ride. It is such an experience, interesting, fun, and worth to try.

We did not take on every ride on the park since it was a very hot day. I got very dizzy when I spend too long time in the heat. So we just take a roll on those attractions that interests us the most.

Another interesting thing to see in this park is the Lampions statues that are made from special material that is so colorful. There are lot's of beautiful shapes of lampions statues. From swans, dinosaurs, even to Hello Kitty. When night came, the lights inside the statue will light up and makes it even much more beautiful with the lighting on.

With mom and the Hello Kitty lampions statues

I have to agree with what the Mayor said on his speech that day. "Rita Park Tegal is like a mini Dufan".. The ticket entrance is also so affordable. If I'm not mistaken, the ticket price is only IDR.50.000 (USD 5) for an adult ticket. It is a great entertainment bought to the city. It is also a smart investment made by the investors.

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