Confused of what beauty blogger said??

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Hei Ladies!!!!
I'm quite new of the beauty blogger world. Because it is so interesting to read, I decided to publish some posts about beauty related stuff. I just enjoy reading other beauty bloggers post . Unfortunately, I don't understand some of the wordings they use.

So I did quick research on the meaning of the wordings that beauty bloggers sometimes use.

So here are some wordings they use, and the meaning of it.

FOTD: Face Of The Day

Thanks To Indonesian Beauty Bloggers

So when beauty bloggers post a FOTD, this means that they are showing their face in that particular day. It shows what they are wearing as their make up. Usually, it includes brief diary of what they are doing in that particular day. The aim of FOTD in my personal opinion is to give inspiration to viewers about  make up that they can use on particular occasions.

NOTD: Nail Of The Day

Thanks To Mr.Google

Nail of the day (NOTD) shows what nail polish they are wearing. What I enjoy about this post is sometimes they show cute nail art. Also, these kind of post shows me brands that type of colors that are great to wear. So it can saves up time in choosing nail polish colors in stores (because we already know what to get).

HOTD: Hair Of The Day

Thanks To Indonesian Beauty Blogger

So when browsing the meaning of HOTD, the result that Google shows is the cartoon High School Of The Dead rather than Hair Of The Day.. LOL 
HOTD will show hair styles that the beauty bloggers did on that particular day. It is not a tutorial, so just like the FOTD and NOTD post, this kind of posts will sometimes have little diary of what the beauty blogger is doing on that particular day.

So that is it!
I hope this post could help new beauty blogs readers and writers (like me) understands more about beauty blog posts.

If you know any other new wordings of beauty bloggers, please don't forget to leave a comment below. Your comment post will definitely help other ladies around.

Have a wonderful days ladies..


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