Disappointed With The Curls :(

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I am one out of millions of Indonesian who really rarely watch television. Instead of watching the telly everyday, I spend my days watching Youtube videos instead. Anything from daily vlogs, make up tutorials, beauty tips, until cooking videos.

So as I was watching ItsJudyTime tutorial and vlogs, she was using heated hair rolls that makes her hair looks very stunning in an instant time. I really like curling my hair with a hot curling iron. But it takes a lots of time and effort of doing it. So as I stopped by a video tutorial on curling hair with a heated hair rolls, I instantly fall in love with it.

I thought it will be a great idea to invest money in it since I will be working very soon which makes me have to be ready in very early morning. So I think I will be needing this tool to get an instant flawless curls.

Since the heated hair rolls is not quite common being sold in Indonesian electronic stores, finding sellers who sell them is indeed quite challenging. So I decided to search online.

Heated hair rolls is quite expensive compared to the actual retail price sold in the US. The reason for that is perhaps because the sellers have to import the product from other countries. As I searched online, I found that there are three brands of heated hair rolls that sellers commonly sells. There are Babyliss, Revlon, and Sayota.

The most expensive one is Bablyliss which are sold at around Rp.750.000 (USD 78). The cheapest is the Sayota, sold at around Rp.350.000 (USD 38).

So I decided to buy the Sayota brand. Since I have not tried heated hair rolls before, I do not want to spend too much money of buying my first heated hair rolls.

I ordered my heated hair rolls in Lazada. It is a new professional online shops that sells almost anything. I found that the price of the heated hair rolls in Lazada is much cheaper that those sold by other sellers.

For my shopping experience, I'm quite satisfied with the service. The order process is simple. The shipping is also quite fast. Plus, they offer free shipping cost to some cities in Indonesia (including Yogyakarta). I put on the order on Sunday, then received the package on Tuesday. The packaging of it is also very neat!

Sayota HC-99 Heated Hair Rolls

Sayota HC-99 comes with 20 multi-sized hair rolls (small, medium, and large). It also provides 20 roll clips for those of you who is still practicing using a heated hair rolls. There are also 20 steel pin that can be used to pin up the hair rolls. From the product details available in the product, Sayota HC-99 is very similar to those other expensive heated hair rolls products.

However..... I'm quite disappointed with the curls....:(

For me, the curls does not last long. It only last for last than 10 minutes. Even when I already put hair spray in it. CRAZY..!!!!!

FYI, my straight hair is not naturally straight. I've already got it permanently straightened around 3 times. This perhaps what makes the curls doesn't last long. So even though it does not last long on me, it might turns differently on those of you who have natural straight hair.

The curls from the heated hair rolls

Another disappointing thing is that the Sayota HC-99 heated hair rolls heated up very long time. It takes almost 10 minutes for it to heat up perfectly. This is so different with other "more expensive" heated hair roll products that most beauty gurus used that only need less than 1 minute to heat up.

Me with my Sayota (this how the curls looks like after 10 minutes)

Once again, even though this product is a big no no for me, it does not mean that it is a bad product for you.

I personally think that the Sayota HC-99 is great for you who wanted to try on heated hair rolls for the first time and doesn't want to spend too much money on it. Also for those of you who have natural hair (those that has not been permanently straightened or curled).

Stay truly beauty girls..!!!

With lots of L.O.V.E..


  1. Have you tried putting some hairspray afterwards? That might be help

  2. I did..
    It does not work..
    Kayaknya si mesin yang bermasalah..