Review: Mustika Ratu Zaitun Body Butter

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Hei ladies..!!!
How was your day?

Well, for my case nothing too special happen today. Except the fact that I have to deal with my super drying skin.

My skin type is usually a combination skin type. I get quite oily on my t-zone area during the day. For the rest of my skin in my face and my body is normal. Not dry, not oily. Honestly, having extremely dry skin rarely happen to me. Except on extreme winter that happens when I am outside Indonesia. So for this case, it might be my first experience having a super dry skin in Indonesia.

I have no idea how it happens. But as long as I remember, my first dryness happens after I bleach my clothes by my self. At first it was only the palm of my hand. The skin becomes very dry and starts chipping off. I thought it was normal. Since I rarely do my own laundry so I might be allergic to the bleaching soap. 

But then, short story short, the dryness becomes to spread more widely. First my entire hands. Then my feet. Then my face.

Okay, that is not normal. And it definitely were not caused by the laundry soap. It was obvious since my face and the other parts of my body had no direct contact with the laundry soap.

So I called my mom.. (the first thing to do when facing problems)

My mom is so obsessed with Olive oil. Especially those olive oil that were bought in the Saudi. Just like what I predict, she told me to put olive oil on my skin every single day. For my face, there's another different story. I will post it in my other post soon...:)

The only problem was, I don't have olive oil from the Saudi.

So I drove to the nearest Muslim shops. Usually they sell great stuff from the Saudi. Unfortunately, all of the Muslim shops nearby ran out of the olive oil..:(

Then, as I was shopping in the nearest grocery store, I stumble upon Mustika Ratu body butter as when walking through the skin care aisle section. I decide to buy it since it contains olive oil. Well it's better than nothing right?

Product Description

"For thousand of years, olive oil have been known as having outstanding medical and cosmetic benefits. Formulation of Olive Body Butter Mustika Ratu contains olive oil as natural moisturizer of your body's skin and able to help avoiding skin dryness and scaly and keep the skin softness."

Well it is all that I need. A product that can cure my dryness and scaly skin.


I don't remember how much exactly this product cost. I think it is about IDR.45.000. It is very affordable.

Product Content

The product consists of 200gr of product. The packaging in my honest opinion is quite similar to the body butter of The Body Shop. It is quite heavy, so it is not recommended for travelling. I recommend putting it in a smaller jar when travelling.

Product Composition / Ingredients

Water, Olea europaeea (olive) fruit oil, Glyceryl Sterate, PPG-15, Stearyl Eter, Cetearyl Olivate, Sorbitan Olivate, Theobroma cacao (cocoa) seed butter, Curcuma Heyneana root extract, Glycerin, Biosaccharide Gum-1, Tocopheryl Acetate, Jasminum sambac (Jasmine) flower oil, Rosa centifolia (rose) flower oil, Allantoin, Methyl Paraben, Propyl Parabem, CI 42090, CI 15985

The ingredients made me so fall in love with this product. They use a lot of natural ingredients contents that are very beneficial for the skin. However, be aware, they don't have SPF to protect your skin. So make sure you don't use it during the day when you have contact with the sun light. Or if you wan't to do so, make sure you also put sun cream on top of it.

Texture and Smell

The texture is very creamy but not sticky. To be honest I like the texture so much. It is thicker than body lotion, but it is not as thick and sticky as most body butters. I cannot describe how it smells like. It is obviously not like the olive oil we use for cooking. It smells more of a fresh "almost like" citrus smell with a small addition of floral scent. The smell is not strong, which I like, because it is then not too exaggerated.

After Feel

It glides on very easily to my skin. Also, it needs only a small amount of time to absorbs fully to my skin. You have to remember that a little goes a long way. So you don't need to apply too much product. With just a little scoop, it can glide through a wide area.

The first time usage, I felt my skin is better moisturized. Since I want this to cure my dryness as soon as possible, I keep on applying the product as often as possible. When the skin is dry already, I will reapply.

It's been 2 days I use this product. The chappy dry skin in my finger is quite reduced. I'm so happy for that.. Yayyy..!!! However, dry skin marks in my feet is still showing. I hope that it can be gone soon..*pray*

I understand perfectly that there is no such thing as instant effect. So I am very pleased with the progress it made so far.


It is a very recommended product for you who need extra care for dry skin that is affordable. I do not recommend to use this in day time on a daily basis since it does not contain SPF that will protect you from the sun. However, it is highly recommended to be used as a skin moisturizer during the night when you're already at home, especially before bed. Consider of repurchasing? Of course! YES YES YES YES!!!!


  1. wiw, barusan aja lirik2 ini produk. Eh, baca reviewnya kamu...besok lari beli ahaha thanks reviewnya, din :*

  2. Yipieeee... Highly recommended mba.. Cuss atuh dicoba...:)