Happy Birthday Mama Awied

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26 February was Mama Awied birthday..

Mama Awied is my beloved aunt.

I know this post was late a day. I have it in my mind to write a post in my blog about my aunt, but I did not have the time to do it on Sunday. Well it is better late than nothing.. So this post is fully dedicated to her for her birthday.

I love my aunt so much. My love for her is so big, that it is nearly as equal to my love for my mom.

My aunt is a wonderful women. During my life, she teaches me many things. She introduced me to many wonderful things too. More over, she has many wonderful wisdom that inspires me through my life.

When I was young, I enjoyed sitting at my aunt room to see her doing her make up. I love to see how well she draws her eye brow, fill her lips with colors, and blush her cheek with soft colors.
"She makes me fall in love with make up"

My aunt is very stylish. She is very good at "mix and match" clothing and make it looks fabulous. She has the heart of fashion.
"She introduces me to fashion"

As I grow up, my aunt teaches me about investment. Not heavy investment like stock trading, but she teaches me how to invest on your belongings. She told me to spend less on artificial accessories. Instead, she told me to save my money to buy real gold or diamond accessories. You can invest on them because their price will continue to rise while you have your self enjoying wearing it for your fashion sake.
"She teaches me to be smart on what you buy"

As I have myself busy with my life and work, she always reminds me to remember God. No matter how busy you are, you have to spare your time to pray for your God. No matter how healthy, wealthy, and happy you are, always remember that God is the one who makes it happens.
"She teaches me to remember God in any situation"

As I have myself committed in a serious relationship, she showed me how important it is to support your partner in life. She showed me the power of women being able to play an important role behind the scene of their spouse career.
"She teaches me to be the number one supporter to your spouse"

As I have my self preparing to face the future, she showed me how important it is for women to be able to seek on opportunities. She showed that opportunities come in many different shapes and sizes. What we need is a good eye, heart, and brain to capture the opportunities. She showed that you should try your best to go for any good opportunities in your life because God plan is unpredictable. In Indonesian we called it "Rezeki mana ada yang tahu".
"She teaches me to always be open to opportunities"

26 February was her Birthday..
Once again I would like to say "Happy Birthday"..!!!

Thank you for the love and care you give to me.

Thank you for the lessons and wisdom you had given to my life.

May God bless you always..

I Love you..