Craving For Macaron

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Sweet Macaron....!!!!!

My favorite sweet ever.. I've always loved this sweet. Back in Indonesia, Macaron can be really costly or expensive. I've been wanting this sweet since months ago. But I just cannot find where Macaron is sold in Glasgow. So today, I decided to browse how to make a Macaron. Looking at the instruction, it seems to be very difficult to make. But since I really want it so bad, so I just give it a try by modifying some parts.

So I went to Aldi in the morning to buy some eggs, ground almond powder, and icing sugar. Only spent around GBP 3 for this. So it is not expensive at all.

After arriving home, I decided to take a try on the recipe. Here are the modified recipe that is a GREAT SUCCESS...!!!!

Ingredients For The Meringue:
4 Egg White
Pinch of Salt
Mixture 1 = 60gr Sugar + 140gr Icing Sugar (Shift Well)
Mixture 2 = 190gr ground Almond Powder + 190gr Icing Sugar (Shift Well)
Drops of Food Coloring

Ingredients For Cream:
200ml Double Cream
2tbs Icing Sugar
1tbs Strawberry Jam

How To Make The Cream:
1. Mix the double cream and Icing sugar in a high speed mixer until stiff.

2. Mix with strawberry jam with low speed mixer until well cooperated.

3. Put in food container, then store in the fridge.

How To Make Meringue:
1. Mix Egg White and Pinch of Salt with high speed mixer until very stiff.

2. Mix "Mixture 1" to the egg white mixture with slow speed mixer. Mix until it is well cooperated. Do not over mix.

3. Turn off the mixer. Add "Mixture 2" into the bowl of mixture. Stir well with a spatula by continuously folding the batter.

4. When it is already perfectly mixed, add food coloring. Do not put too much. Mix well again.

5. Pipe in small equally sized round shape with an icing plastic bag.

6. Smack the plate hard. Then leave in room temperature for 45 minutes.

7. After that, put in the oven of 150 degree Celcius of pre-heated oven. Heat for 20 minutes.

8. Take out from the oven. Wait until it is completely cool. Then you can fill the Meringue with the cream fillings. Then make it into a sandwich.

There you have it.. Your fresh home made Macaron...

Great for Parties..
Great to impress..

Even my baby boy loves it so much...

Bon Appetit...^^