The Temptation

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Last month my mom send me books from Indonesia as I requested. One of the books is "Hermes Temptation" which is written by one of my favourite Indonesian author, Alexandra Dewi. It was a book written by an Indonesian Author, about the Indonesian women, but written in English. Well, bravo for Alexandra Dewi..!!! However, because of school assignment and many other constraints, I have not got the chance to read it.

So last night, as I was trying my best to sleep (since I have sleeping difficulties), I've got my eyes caught looking at my bookshelf. There it was, a book which I requested to be sent by my mother from Indonesia to United Kingdom a month ago. The book had experienced a long trip right?

So I decided to take that book. I flipped pages of that book. I was very entertained with many cartoon pictures in that book which illustrates the stories that the author talk about.

I focus my self reading the introduction of the book. There she was telling us stories about how she (the author) and her best friend got caught up in the crazy world of being Hermes reseller. She tells us also how crazy are Indonesian women about this luxurious handbag.

I reached to the part where she tells a story about when she starts being a reseller by creating 7 BlackBerry Group, having 30 members in each group. She describe how hectic it was to serve these women being adored by these Hermes handbags. Inquiries from people asking about the bags were pouring so much, that her BlackBerry were starting to freeze. Their lives were starting to fall apart because about 80% of their working hours were spent inside their BlackBerry answering queries, explaining things, and negotiating. They even have to bring their BlackBerry while they were eating, watching tv, reading, and even going to the bath room, just in case there is "pop-up" alerting from their customers.

I had my self smiling and laughing as I read this part of the story. There's nothing funny there, but why did I laugh?

That story reminds me exactly of how I was a year ago when I was still reseller of these women bags.
I remember how my boyfriend used to hate it so much when we are traveling in our car and I have myself busy chatting with my customer through BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) instead of having my self talking to him while he drive. I remember how he used to try to put down my BlackBerry by taking it and put in the front drawer of the car. I remember how I used to negotiate with him that I will serve this last customer, and then I'll finish my chat in my BlackBerry afterwards.

I also remember how I always have myself busy with the BBM while I was eating. I will have my hand bringing the spoon full of food to my mouth, and then continue to type the chit-chat in my BlackBerry.

Damn my life was so tempted with the BlackBerry and the "bags" at that time.

"God.. Please lead us not into temptation.."

But don't get me wrong.. I was actually addicted to this. I was so addicted that I conduct this job for more than 2 years. I had to stop at the end of 2011 because I have to fly to UK for my study.

I am addicted of being in touch with women from all over Indonesia who has the same temptation with me to these handbags. It is a lot of pleasure having them satisfied with my answers, willing to purchase, and then satisfied with the purchase. I am addicted to "convincing women for their bags".

I am also very addicted to the dynamic of this business. Conducting this business is like a window shopping everyday. We shop for bags that we think is cute and adorable, then re-sell them to our customer. As a shoppaholic, this has satisfy my "desire to purchase" every time I see a cute and adorable handbags. The best thing about it is that I am able to satisfy my desire without getting my self bankrupt.. Hahahahaha..

Anyway, being a reseller is not always fun and happy though.. There are some downturn. I've experience many of these unpleasant things. I have experience having an unfaithful customer, bad suppliers, and even having my self stuck in the tax and custom office because my bags had problems there.

But out of those bad experience that happens while I was a reseller of these bags, I never regret a thing. It was a wonderful experience being a re-seller of these wonderful women handbags for almost more than two years. Whether I will continue in the future or not, only God knows..

With Love,
From Me, To You...