To Love = To Bring Happiness

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One day, a best friend of mine, which I treat him as a big brother, came to me starting a conversation about love..

He started his story by saying "I have to tell you a serious project of mine... I am chasing someone.. But currently she is still in a relationship with someone else". I know that this will become a very long conversation. So I put down things that I was working on to focus on this conversation. I will always be there for my Big Brother.. >.<

Without too much thinking I give him a direct response that some people may not agree. Some people might think it's something unethical. I said to him "If she is not married yet, why not... Go for it dude... This is not the time for ethics to speak. This is the time for your happiness to speak".

I understand that this will make my best friend a bastard. But honestly, what I mean by my answer is not to steel someone to be with you by force. But it is the action to make you an option for them to put you in their life by giving them happiness. Okay, it's complicated....

He replied to me by saying "Someone said to me, what they did to you is their Karma, what you did is your Karma. I am afraid that in the future I will loose her the way I got her".

Well, yes.. I do believe in Karma. That is why I am always very careful with things I do in this world. But once again, I am not suggesting him to steal her from her partner. I explain to him by him a story about someone that I know very well in my life. Let's just pretend their name as Liliana and Bill.

Liliana was a girl that was in relationship with someone older than her age. Her ex is someone who had a good career and have a future. They seem like a happy couple. However, Liliana was not happy with the relationship. She feels that he is very dominance in the relationship. He forced her to do things that transforms her into someone that he desires. They argue a lot. Liliana was not happy.

Meanwhile, a guy name Bill known as a friend of Liliana, have deep feelings to Liliana. Bill conducts anything he can to always make Liliana happy. Bill will always be there for Liliana whenever she needs him. He respects Liliana wisely. He share his vision with Liliana. He shows that love could be shown in many different way. He shows to Liliana that she is not alone in this world, and when the world left her behind, at least she still have Bill. Isn't that what loving really means? Bringing happiness to anyone we love in this world.

The purity of love and caring that Bill shows to Liliana opens her eyes that she deserves to be happy. Not a single person in this world have the rights to take away happiness from someone life. Liliana receive very big strength from deep inside her to leave her ex. It was quite uneasy for Liliana to end the relationship with her ex. But she have all the strength and courage to say no more to unhappiness.

And yes, now Liliana and Bill is a happy couple. So does Bill do something wrong that would give him his Karma? I believe not..

What I see is the fact that in the first stage all that Bill do is just to make the person that he LOVE to be HAPPY. He brings HAPPINESS to someone without considering who she is. It is not Bill that got Liliana, but it is Liliana that choose Bill to be in her life. So what is wrong with making a human being experiencing true happiness in life?

So I continue my conversation with my best friend by saying "Look, if you want to know that girl wants you or not, just try to make her happy without the aim of approaching here. Let her choose in her own. And if she does not choose you, at least yo know that she is experiencing more happiness with someone else. And you are relief that the girl that you love is happy".

Focus on bringing happiness. Just make the one you love in life HAPPY no matter they are your family, your friends, or even strangers. You choose them to be in your life, so let them choose you to be in their life by making them happy.

Bring happiness to the world....