Have yourself a good quality sleep

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I have serious trouble in sleeping lately. I've tried to make myself as relax as possible, but it seems to be impossible to sleep. I did not know what went wrong. I was tired enough with the my daily activities. I've walked 2km to uni, climb very steep hill (my uni is located right on top of the very steep Glasgow hill), work as hard as possible to get my brain tired, but sleep still cannot be achieved. I've struggled in so many ways to get my self a nice good sleep, but nothing seems to work.

Today I saw a wonderful video on "TED" about how better life is with an enough amount of sleep. It shows how life can be more productive, creative, innovative, yet better in so many ways when we have enough sleep.

I know that today sleep deprivation has been a total issue. Many people all over the world having to suffer of not getting enough sleep. Competition in business, work place, or even school sometimes lead to the deprivation of sleep. I understand that sometime this deprivation of sleep cannot be avoided. Having assignment that has not been accomplish, deadlines, stress, or even forcing our self not to sleep because of several reasons just makes it more than enough to make our self avoid sleep.

The video explains just enough about how good quality sleep could gives you better quality of life. Isn't it nice to have a life where your emotion is better controlled, your brain is more focused, your face is as bright as the star, and your eyes could see clearer? The wonderful thing is that we can achieve that by having enough sleep.

So please, starting from the moment you read this article, organize your activities neatly so you can have a good nice sleep every single day.

Have the moment in your life where you can shut your eyes, and discover the great ideas that lie inside us, to shut your engine and discover the power of sleep.


  1. To have good quality sleeping you should be fisically tired, not mentaly tired. Do some exercises. Have a nice sleep.

  2. Agree with that.. I climbed the hills everyday and walk for around 1 hours each day. Got myself tired everyday. Well maybe I need more exercise then.. Cheers..!