Let The Journey Begin....!!!!!!

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It was just months after my undergrad graduation that my parents decided to send me for my master degree in United Kingdom. I know that my parents had plan to send me for master directly right after graduation, but the decision to send me to UK is quite a sudden.

Yes, I know them so well... They always make sudden decision.

But it's not sucks though.

I am very glad and enjoy every moment here in the UK. Meet new people, new friends, new life style. Everything is delightful..:D

Anyway, I come to study in the University of Strathclyde. Maybe some of you might never hear this university, but for your information, this is a triple accredited university...

I am taking Master of International Marketing. It is the marketing knowledge that focuses on International Business (that's what the uni said). To be honest, taking this course is very challenging. There are many talented students from many different place of the world. The lectures are also very demanding. So it is a challenging task to be accomplish.. GANBATE..!!!!