A gift where he cannot wait to give

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Christmas is coming...!!!!!!

The lights in the street and the business of the Christmas market really tell that Christmas is coming. We can find many people in the city center shop for gifts to be given to their loved one in Christmas.

A best friend of mine just cannot wait to give me a Christmas gift. Instead of giving the gift on the day of Christmas, he instead give me the gift on the 22 December 2011. He give me the gift when we have dinner together. Yes, it was a couple of days earlier from Christmas.

He said to me that it is very important to give the present as soon as possible. So I opened the gift given by him that is wrapped in a very beautiful box.

It was a simple mug with a very deep meaning for me..

To let you know, I receive one of the grade of the assignment from my uni. I worked so hard in it and put so much effort in the work. The feedback received was not bad, but I don't understand why I receive bad grade for it. I was devastated.

I panic in the moment I receive the grade. It is very important for me to succeed in this master program. I did not want to fail. That's why I always put my very best effort in it. But the output that I receive is just disappointing.

So one of my best friend give me the mug with "Keep Calm and Carry On" words written on it. He told me that it is just best to just keep calm and go on with life. It is not the end of the world, and I still can make an effort to change the final grade (by doing good in exam).

I have to say that he was right...

When we receive one problem in life, isn't it better just to face it? If we think about it all the time, what will happen is just that we cannot think and focus on the available alternative of solution to solve the problem. Every problem have a solution. So why should we stick on the problem for a long time? Why don't we just try our best to focus on the solution rather on the problem. Focus on the solution to get out of the problem rather than focusing on the problem itself and fell more deeper to the problem.

So for everyone in the world who has a problem...

"Keep Calm and Carry On"

Just remember one thing in mind...

"In the end everything is going to be okay. If it is not okay, then it is not the end"