How To Be Better In English

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Today, english is a very important language. We need english anywhere. English is an international langguage. For some people, english could be something really difficult. Like in my country, Indonesia for example, most of the people in Indonesia always say that english is very difficult. Specially talking in english. In Indonesia children are force to study english since they are still on the first grade of elementary school. I agree with that. English should be introduce to children as soon as possible. They study english until they graduate senior high school. We can say that the have been studying english for 12 years. Wow....But what I see today is that after they graduate, they could not speak english fluantly. They could only write in english.
Those are because they are lazy to use thair english. When they learn about something, they only memorise it. Then after they take the exam, they will forget it. If you got the same problem, don't worry. It's never too late to study.There are some list of things which could help you to make your english better :
  • Every day you have to open your dictionary and look for at least one word. Memorise it and try to understand it.
  • Try to listen to english old songs. Why english old songs? Because english old songs has good structure, grammar, and the words mostly are daily used words. It's better if in one day you try to listen to one song and understand the meaning of the song. Sing the song just like how the real singer sang it ( the pronaonciation ).
  • Watch any movie you like which is spoken in english. Look at the one with the transelated text. Firstly, watch the movie by reading the transelation. Understand the movie. Then on the second time you watch that movie, close the transelated text.


  1. Walahhh...Wong purwokerto to?Kok nganggo inggrisan?Nggak bangga sama bahasa sendiri yo?Ojo ngono..Banyumasan is still number one!

    Raden Banyumas

  2. Dear Raden Banyumas...
    English is one of the most important laguage nowdays. I am very very prout to be a Banyumas Residen. I also can speak banyumasan. Writing in other language doesn't mean that we are not proud with our own langauge. But we can say that we are helping to develope our nation and language.

    Love Handini ( your friend from Banyumas )