How To Save Your Money

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A question for students :
What will you do when you got your pocket money given from your parent? The answer will be "Spend it all!!!".
If we got money, we always got this feeling. Wanting to spend the money. When we hold a lot of money, it will be easy for us to take it out and spend it. If we see something we like and we can afford it with our money, we definitly want to buy it. At the end we will find that we don't have the money anymore because we have spend the money with stuff that we actually doesn't need it.
For students, saving their pocket money will be something really difficult. At school there are a lot of delicious sweets and candy. We always want to buy them because they are very delicious. We also need the money to buy school stuff ( for some people ). There are some things you could do to save your money :
  • Find a bank which is close to your house or school.
  • Try to find a bank which got a small administration fees.
  • Don't ask for ATM.
  • Always pretend that those money are not yours.
  • When you got your pocket money, before you spend it, seperate at least 10% from your pocket money.
  • If the amount of the money which you had seperate from your pocket money is too small, put it in an anvelope and put it in a secret place ( remember not to take the money whatever the condition is).
  • If the amount of the money which you had seperate from your pocket money is enough, quickly save it on your bank.

If you save your money, when you need money to buy something which you really need, you will have the money to buy it, eventhough the things you needed cost a little bit expensive. Go and try on my tips! If you have finance problems, you could write your problem on the coments page. I will love to help you solving your finance problem. Remember that you could be rich if you have a willing to be rich!


  1. Dear Handini :
    I have a problem with saving my money. I am under 18. In my country people are not alowed to save their money in banks when they are still a child. If we want to create an account, it should be on our parents name. Unfortunately I live in a farm house. My house is far from the city. It is also far from the banks. That's why my parent doesn't allow me to save my money in banks. Now I save my money in my piggy bank. But this is also a problem. I have a very naughty 8 year old brother. He like collecting money. But he doesn't like collecting his own money. He like to collect other people money specially mine. He always took the money I save in my piggy bank. I am very fed up with him! What should I do?

    Jeny in the farm house

  2. Dear Handini........
    Two month ago I opened an account in one of a bank. If I'm not wrong, I put about Rp1.000.000. I never add my account since I openen the account. Yesterday I went to the bank to save my money. Not much, only Rp.50.000. But, I was surprised when I check my savings book, the money is only Rp.1.040.000. It means that some of my savings ( Rp10.000 ) are gone. Where did they gone? How could those things happened?

    Veryana Melda

  3. Dear Jeny...
    Wow...What a naughty brother. My mother also got those experience when she was young.
    I think it's better if you put your piggy bank in a secret place. A place where no one knows it except you.

    Love Dini

  4. Dear Veryana Melda
    Your account at your bank is not stolen. Don't worry. The account is lessen to the administration fee, and tax. Your account will be safe ( not being lessen ) if you got an account which is above Rp.5.000.000. That what normally happened in Indonesia.

    Love Handini