[REVIEW]: Does Brows Silicone Mat Drawing Guide Really Works???

09:00 Handini Audita 0 Comments

When it comes to brows, I put my hands up! I am never an expert with brows. So that is why I am very happy and excited when seeing the Mini Brow Class Drawing Guide by Etude House. I was quite sceptical about this product at first since I've received many bad impressions about this type of drawing tools from my friends. However, I still hope that this product will bring miracle to my brows. *pray*

The product comes in three brow stencils that can be used to three different looks. The material of each stencils is like a thin silicone mat. Although there are a clear instruction guide in the packaging of how to use it, all of the writings are in Korean. Since I don't understand Korean, so I just give it a try on how I perceived to use it.

For my office look today, I decided to put on stencil number 3. I think it is the least dramatic stencils they have in this package. What I do at first is to put the dotted lines at the edge of my natural brow-line. The dotted line should be put up straight.

After making sure that the stencils had been located correctly, I filled up the stencils using a short strokes motion. Please note not to draw an outline on the stencils. This will make the result less natural.

Then I buff out the outer layer with a blending brush. This is to intensify the gradation of the brow. (Please forgive my messy brow. I haven't clean them yet >.<)

The result of the stencils is not too bad. The stencils can also be a good guide to locate where you can plug your brows to neaten it up (which I did afterwards).

The stencils performs a natural looking brows. Bravo! It's a miracle!!!

I am very satisfied with the result. I think this is a miracle product for those of you out there who has a problem with "the brows" - just like me. I am for sure looking forward to test the remaining stencils to see how it looks like.

With love,
Handini Audita