[BANGKOK TRIP]: Lunch with the best Food in Town!

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Great Place, Great Atmosphere

It was a super tiring day at that time when in Bangkok.We've just arrived at Bangkok, and haven't got the time to rest at our hotel. We took a Ferry Boat to Khao San Road, Bangkok, Thailand. We had heard a review about a great place to eat Tom Yam at that place.

The place is called "Tom Yam Kung". This place is quite hard to find since it is not directly seen in the main road. But instead, we have to walk on a very small street first to reach this place. But if we can have access to the Google Maps, we can easily spot that "small street" I was talking about.

The Menu's Price List

Although the restaurant looks a bit "fancy" compared to other restaurant in that street, for the price it is quite affordable and reasonable. The restaurant also provide credit card or debit card transaction. This makes it easier for international tourist like us that needs to save up cash in the beginning of the trip.

The Shared Menu Plate

The portion of the food is quite a big portion. So it is more recommended to share the menu with friends or families. I ordered the seafood Tom Yam and the Fragranced Grilled Chicken. The taste??? It is theeee booommmmssszzzz...

The best Thai Mango Sticky Rice

My favourite menu of all is actually the dessert. The Mango Sticky Rice. The Mango is very ripe and the sticky rice is sweet. It has a delicious coconut scent to it. It is also served with fragranced coconut milk and creamy coconut ice cream. So mouth-watering!!! This dessert is the dessert I've missed the most in Bangkok.

This is a must try restaurant in Bangkok!

Selfie at Khao San Road

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