LOTD: Mineral Botanica Intense Vivid Color In Shade Orchid Pink

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Botanica is one of the brand that my makeup lover friends quite talk about. Not just because of the affordable price, but also because the quality.

Because of the hype, I've decided to give it a try on their lip product. The first one that I bought is the Intense Vivid Color Series.

The product itself is a super creamy and sticky texture packaged with a wand applicator just like any other lip cream products in the marketplace.

The texture is super creamy and sticky. I felt that it is more like a glue than a lipcream. It is fragranced with a very strong candy like scent. I love how it is scented.

When applying to lips, this product needs quite a time to perfectly set. Once it is set, it will become matte and unstransferable. After it is set, I find it quite difficult to remove well. Even with a proper makeup remover. In other words, this product does stains!

For the color, I think I've chosen the wrong shade for my skin color. I chose this color based on the recommendation delivered by the shop attendance. However, this shade is just too neon for me. 

Brand: Botanica
Series: Intense Vivid Color
Shade: Orchid Pink
Price: IDR.55.000
Purchased at: Toko Mutiara, Yogyakarta

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