LOTD: LA Splash Waterproof Liquid Lipstick in Latte Confession

23:08 Handini Audita 0 Comments

I adore matte lips! I just can't get enough of it. I usually go more with light nude shade color. But this Latte Confession shade just makes me fall in love again and again with the shade. I love how the color pops out and how the color matches with an everyday makeup.

This product is super long lasting. Once it is set perfectly to our lips, it will stay on the entire day without a significant needs to touch up. It is also kissable. Very important for my case. However, if we have dried lips, it will exagerate the dried lips. Yuck!

Another downside of this product is the aftermath when eating greasy food. The texture will breakdown and create small chappy peaces. It will easily break when we rub our lips constantly.

Aside from its downside, this product is highly recommended for everyday looks until party looks.

Brand: LA Splash Waterproof Lipstick
Shade: Latte Confession
Price: IDR.150.000
Purchases at: Instagram Onlineshops

With love,
Handini Audita