Think Pink Palette By Coastal Scents

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Hei Beautifoe!

How was your week end? Mine is so much fun..:D

Anyway, who doesn't love pink?
Well, at least for my case, I love pink!

Pink is a beautiful feminine color that is so much fun to play with. It can give a soft girly look, or even a dramatic shocking pink look.

Coastal Scents has an answer for those pink lovers out there. It is the Think Pink Palette.

I bought the palette last month from one of the very trusted seller I know for years. It is sold for IDR.200.000. I fall in love with it in my first sight because I haven't have good pink eye shadows that I can play and experiment with. So I thought to my self to give it a try at the pinks.

The packaging is a very light weight matte black plastic box. Honestly I'm very satisfied with the packaging because it does not look cheap at all. It comes with a good quality wearable mirror that is big enough to be used for applying the shadows. The colors are put in a magnetic flip on circle tin that sticks perfectly in the plastic black box. When you take the tin out, it has the detail name of every color in it.

The palette comes in 12 shades of colors that are *obviously* pink oriented. There are 4 matte colors and 8 shimmer colors. There are all very pigmented. The pink matte color even stains in my eyes when after cleaning my face. So perhaps I might not consider using these colors in a daily basis. The shimmer colors is a big LOVE. It is shimmery and not too glittery. So it looks beautiful and not too over exaggerated when being applied.

Colors in the palette

Color numbers details

#S031: Baby Pink
# B001: Rosy Pink
#M008: Cinnabar Rose
#B002: Magenta Pink

#ME014: Light Pink
#ME020: Mauve Frost
#ME019: Pink Frost
#ME012: Coral Rose

#ME007: White Silver
#ME004: Light Plum
#ME018: Steel Gray
#ME023: Gunmetal

Here are the swatches of the colors.

Left to Right:
Baby Pink, Rosy Pink, Cinnabar Rose, Magenta Pink

Left to Right:
Light Pink, Mauve Frost, Pink Frost, Coral Rose

Left to Right:
White Silver, Light Plum, Steel Gray, Gunmetal

What I Love About The Palette (Pros):
(+) Very Pigmented
(+) Good quality packaging
(+) Easy to store and easy to carry
(+) Affordable price
(+) Multy use. The matte colors can be used as a blush on.
(+) Big mirror

What I Dislike About The Palette (Cons):
(-) The residue leave stains in the eye lid (Difficult to clean)
(-) The colors is not wearable for every day usage

The color dominates the dollhouse look. Containing twelve highly pigmented shades ranging from pastel pink, deep rose, to matte black, this palette allows you to create endless girly or sultry pink looks. The shades included are a combination of matte and shimmery finish and can be applied dry or wet for a deeper, longer lasting effect. The eye shadow pots are held magnetically in the matte black palette imprinted with the Coastal Scents logo and palette name.

Overall, I think Coastal Scents had done a great job of making this palette. It is one of those palette that is not a "must" have, but it is a good value to get (quality over price). Looking at the price I pay for this palette, the quality I receive from this palette is way above my expectation. I would love to try on the other series of the Coastal Scent palette.