Seba Med Anti-Ageing Q10 Lifting Eye Cream

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I have a confession to make..

I'm 22, but I already have those scary fine lines under my eye. Soon to be wrinkle.. Oohhh Nooo!!!!

That's why I'm currently obsessed with anti-ageing products. I felt that it is better to prevent the ageing of skin as soon as possible. In the early 20's to be exact!

A couple of days ago, I went to the Century drugstore nearby to search for creams that can reduce the fine lines in my under eye. The pharmacist recommend me this Seba Med Anti-Ageing Q10 Lifting Eye Cream. The cream is made in Germany, then being imported to Indonesia. It is priced for IDR.150.000. Quite pricy for a 15gr of cream for me. But since the detail is quite promising, I decided to give it a try..:)

This post will be more about a first impression review about the first perception I get when first trying this product. Since the product promises less wrinkles in 28 days, I will do an updated review about this approximately next month to show how this product give effect to my wrinkles. The effectiveness of this product cannot be described in this post. So stay tuned for the updated review.

Product Description:

The back package

Intensive protection combined with optimal skin care is essential to maintain the skin's equilibrium. The Seba Med Anti-Ageing skin care management system has been created to support the natural metabolic processes and receptivity of the skin to prolog it's youthful vitality.

Q10 Lifting Eye Cream has been formulated to reduce fine lines and wrinkles in the sensitive eye area. The increased hydration improves and maintains the skin's elasticity to counteract the loss of firmness making the skin smooth and supple. The natural active ingredient complex promotes the efficacy, high skin tolerability and rapid absorption. The slightly acidy pH value of 5.5 stabilizes the barrier function of the acid mantle, the skin ecological shield against noxious environmental influences. Consequent skin care is the imperative prophylaxis to protect the health of the skin to safeguard it against premature ageing.

Product Promise:
  • Averaging 32% reduction of wrinkles within the 28 day test period.
  • Co-enzyme Q10 is natural to body. As an important catalyst, it activates the metabolism of energy on a cellular level. Its production in the skin decreases noticeablly from the age of 30.
  • Protects the elasticity of the eye area. An active ingredient complex based on phytopeptides combined with mucopolysaccharides provide intensive moisture.
  • The valuable, natural lipid resources of shea butter, avocado and almond oils smooth the skin.
  • Natural bisabolol soothes irritation in this highly sensitive area.
  • The physiological pH value of 5.5 safeguards the barrier function of the skin.


The eye cream comes in a small tube with a pointy applicator inside. The tube is very light weight because it is made fro some kind of light weigh plastic materials. The pointy applicator inside is able to give great control on the amount of cream you wish to apply. The gray lid attached so well so it is able to maintain the hygiene of the product. It's very light, so it is travel friendly.

Texture and Smell:

The texture is like a light cream. It is not those heavy cream that will need effort to apply. It directly melts and glide on very easily when being applied. A little really goes a long way. So we only need just a little dot of this cream to apply in the skin area of one eye.

The cream itself is fragrance free. This is a typical thing for a cream product that guarantee less irritation. It also does not have those weird cream smell that some other cream products have.

First Impression on Application:

When first applying the cream, as I said before, the cream applies and glides on very easily. A little does goes a long way. It does not create that burning feeling when being applied. In contrast, it creates a soothing cool feeling. When products accidentally touch my eye area, it does not create that bad burning and painful feel. This shows that the product is extra gentle on the skin.

After applying it, I leave it to absorb for a good 3 minutes. I don't see an instant reduce on my soft lines. However, I felt that the skin in my eye area is pretty much soft and bouncy.

Then I apply make up as usual. During the day, I don't find this cream making the make up in the eye area crease at all. It also does not make the skin in the eye are looks oily. I think once it is absorbs, the product makes the skin normal so it does not create dry outs or oiliness.

What I love about this product (Pros):

(+) Very gentle on my skin.
(+) Irritation free.
(+) Instantly makes the eye area extra soft and supple.
(+) Does not crease, smudge, or damage the eye make up.

What I dislike about this product (Cons):

(-) The price is a bit expensive for me.


My first impression on this product is quite satisfying. Looking at the price that I have invested at, I would be willing to try out this product in the upcoming couple of days or  until the product is finished if possible. I can't wait to see the long term effect of this product. Especially can't wait to see if it is true that they can reduce my wrinkles in 28 days. Stay tune for my upcoming update about this cream product ladies..!

Much Love,