Gypsy Bling - Bling It On IBB Make Up Challenge April 2013

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Happy monday everyone..!
This month, Indonesian Beauty Blogger (IBB) community is helding a Make Up Challenge contest with the theme Bling It On *sing: shine bright like a diamond... shine bright like a diamond*. Actually, the Make Up Challenge contest is held every month with different interesting themes. For the case of this April, the theme is Bling It On sponsored by NYX. There will be two lucky winners with prizes worth Rp.500.000 for one person. So the total prize is Rp.1.000.000. So exciting right?!

IBB MUC April 2013

The competition is open for everyone who wish to participate. The deadline for applying is on 20 April. There's still a couple of days left, so feel free to join.

Here are the makeup that I use for my look.

Make Up I Use For This Look

For the look that I am doing today is a Gypsy Bling. Gypsies are always known for their dark smoky look. So I am doing a different type of Gypsy. The bling on the bling Gypsy. Gypsy that loves the bling and shine line a diamond. *LoL.. I don't even know if it exists*.

Once upon a time, there were a beautiful gypsy. She is very talented in fortune telling. Her eyes were bright as a diamond. Her lips is as shiny as grass crystal. She is known as bling gypsy because every time her eyes blinks, diamonds will come blinging out from her eyes.

Okay, enough with the imaginative story. Hahahaha..

The makeup that I mainly use today is from NYX. I am using NYX Makeup Artist Kit for most of my makeup. I love it so much how the eye shadows are very well pigmented. The colors are beautiful and mostly shimmer color that suits so much with "Bling It On" theme. Also, not forgetting my all time favorite NYX round lipstick in Pumpkin Pie. The HD Eye Shadow primer also works like wonder. It makes the eye shadow color more pigmented and also lasts longer.

So to begin, I put fair amount of foundation and concealer to smoothen out my skin.

Foundation + Concealer

After that, focus on the eye. Don't forget to put on the HD Eye Shadow Primer to make your eye shadow lasts longer. For the eye shadow I put a silver color (1) all over my eye lid. Then carefully add a light gray color (2) in the outer corner. Then top the outer corner with a gun metal color (3) eye shadow. Blend it well. Add a dab of bronze gold color (4) to the middle part of the lid to give a slight pop. Then finish of with a matte white as a highlighter (5). Don't forget to put eyeliner and fake lashes. This will intensify your look.

Beautiful Soft Smoky Bright Eye

Colors of Eye Shadows Being Used For This Look

To dramatically finish off the eye look, put on some blings of diamond.

Adding Two Blings of Diamond

Then put matte bronzer (A) to contour. And not forgetting a thin layer of the beautiful deep plum red blush on (B).

Bronzer and Blush Used

So here's the final look! Gypsy in Bling..!

Final Look

Gypsy Bling

To bling out my look a bit more, I put on a beautiful silver nailpolish. BLING IT ON TO THE MAX..!!!!! Shine bright like a diamond..

Silver Nail Polish (NOTD)

Bonus photo. I find it important to show the bag that matches my look.. LOL


Products I use for this look:

Revlon Photo Ready Foundation in 004 Nude
Revlon Photo Ready Concealer in 003 Light Medium
The Body Shop All In One Face Base in 04

NYX HD Eye Shadow Primer
NYX Makeup Artist Pallete in Silver
NYX Makeup Artist Pallete in Light Gray
NYX Makeup Artist Pallete in Gun Metal Gray
NYX Makeup Artist Pallete in Bronze Gold
NYX Makeup Artist Pallete in Matte White
Sariayu eye brow pencil
Maybelline Gel Eye Liner in Black
Amorus Eyelash #66
Juenis Eyelash Glue

NYX Makeup Artist Pallete Matte Bronzer in Tone 2
NYX Makeup Artist Pallete Deep Plum Red Blush On

NYX Round Lipstick in Pumpkin Pie
Naked Urban Decay Lip Junkie Gloss

Revlon Nail Polish in 918 Silver Screen

Handbag By GUESS
Silk Scarf by Tie Rack London
Blings of Artificial Diamonds

So what is your version of a "Bling It On" look?
I would love to see.
Feel free to post your blog link in the comment box to share your version of look.

Have a beautiful blast day ladies..



  1. baguuusss... especially foto yg pake bandana trus difoto dari samping keliatan bling2nya hehe

    Jangan lupa di submit ya look nya di web IBB :)

    Good luck, semoga menang :D


  2. @Yuri:
    Pastinya sudah aku lakukan.. hihihi..

    Thank you for the support...:)

  3. Hello,
    It's me visiting back your blog :). Nice blog! I see you have passion on cosmetic, me too! Keep your blog informative with what you like to share, readers with the same passion will follow you :).


  4. @Jeng Sri:

    Thank you very much for visiting my blog. I felt so honored..:)

    I have quite a high passion in writing. So I love writing on my blog. Wish me luck for that..:)