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While my sister is busy watching human anatomy videos that is more of scary than entertaining to me, I managed to open the old files in my laptop. Old files are sometimes precious. Especially those that captures great memories and great process of life. I found the scanned file of my baby picture. Yes, me as a baby! Pictures that were taken almost 20 years ago. Thank God for technology, I still can keep my precious pictures save in digital file by scanning it a couple of years ago. Since it was a very old file, so forgive about the poor quality of pictures..:)

I was born 22 years ago in the year 1990. I was born as the first child in my family.

Mom + Me + Dad

Sometimes I look like an ordinary pretty baby girl. But sometimes, I look like a baby boy. I still don't understand why...lol

Looking Like a Girl

Looking Like a Boy

When I was a baby, I was a very busy baby. I am busy sleeping, crying, eating, pooping, then sleep again, then cry, then eat again, then poop again.. Never ending task right? lol

Crazy Crying
After Pooping

I like to eat. So I was very chubby. Well, chubby till today to be exact.. >.<

Chubby Baby

As I grow older, I like modelling. That's why I participated in several events. Actually, the only thing I like about modelling is being able to wear thick makeup for a day. But I was quite shy. So usually I cried in minutes before going in stage.

Posing Like A Model
*at least what I perceived that time* lol
As Kartini

As a Balinese Girl

Then 5 years after I was born, I was gifted a little sister. Her name is Nadila Anindita. She is now a medical student, a future doctor. Check out her blog....!

Me and My Little Baby Sister
As we grow older