I Lost My Camera

20:57 Handini Audita 0 Comments

Nothing lives eternal. Not a person. Not an animal. Not even a single thing.

Today I lost something that captures moments in my life. Happy moments, sad moments, and priceless moments. My camera.

I bought that camera when I was still in my 3rd semester during my undergraduate study. My father bought that for me as a gift for the appreciation of my achievement at that time. It was my very first digital camera. I took my camera with me almost everywhere I go to capture priceless moments. I also bring my camera to the UK. My camera had capture so many wonderful things that reminds me of wonderful moments of my past.

But now, my camera is gone. For the very first time, I did not bring my camera with me. Usually I always put it in my bag so I carry it everywhere I go. But since my arrival from the UK, I start to spend a lot of time at home. So I decided to put my camera in one of my cupboard. I thought it was save. But today I've just realize that it is gone. The cover bag of it is still in my cupboard. But I cannot find my camera inside it. I'm so sad of it...:(

Oh well, nothing is eternal. I have to let it go. I hope that God will give me an opportunity to be able to buy another camera to replace my lost camera. So pray and work for some extra cash. Start saving up..!

With Love,