Craving for CAKES !!!!!

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When I was still in the UK, I saw lots of posts about a unique specific cake. Rainbow cake!! This particular cake was posted by most of my friends in Indonesia via the social media. I was actually very curious at that time. I want to know how that cake taste like! Unfortunately, I was searching for it in bakeries around Glasgow city areas, but cannot find a single bakery that sells this unique cake. Oh well.. I guess I have to wait till I return to Indonesia (my thought when I was still in the UK).

I was so excited to try this cake. But I don't know where to go to purchase this cake. Luckily, I heard an advertisement in the radio about a new bakery in Jogjakarta  (the city I lived in Indonesia). The bakery is called "Paris Bakery". The advertisement says that this bakery provide enormous variation of French cakes. I was so excited.. I am so sure that this bakery sells rainbow cake. Plus, I am also sure that this bakery sells macaroons. One of the French desserts that I love the most.

It was very easy to find the location of this bakery. It is in a big road which I know called monjali. To be specific, it is near Mustokoweni hotel. If you wish to read further information about the bakery, check out their website

The bakery was actually like what I was expected in the first place. They sell FRENCH DESSERTS! I can find lots of French cuisine and many famous cakes. And what I love the most is that they sell rainbow cake!! Yayyyyy...!!!!! 

I ordered several desserts which I love eating. I ordered the rainbow cake which I crave so much, a caramel macaroon, a red velvet chocolate ball, and a caramel latte.. Gosh.. How many calories is that...??? Fat fat fat... Lol

The cakes I ordered

I love how the macaroon tastes. It actually taste similar to the macaroons I made while was in the UK. It is soon delicious. I can still taste the almond mixture in it and it is not too "eggy". The only thing about the macaroon that I dislike is the size. They are so small.

For the red velvet chocolate ball, to be honest, it is my least favorite. I am a big fan or red velvet. But unfortunately, the chocolate covering the red velvet is so dominating. So I cannot really taste the red velvet. I guess I'm just a big fan of traditional red velvet with cream cheese frosting...:(

There is nothing special about the caramel latte which I ordered. They are good but just fine...:)

Take a zip

The cake of the day of my order today is of course the RAINBOW CAKE!!!! Not only because it is the cake which I crave so much since I was still living in the UK, but I personally think it is the best one I ordered today. I love the moisture of the cake and the taste of the cream cheese. The size of the cake is also very big for me. It makes me sooooo full. The only thing about it is that because the cake was put in the fridge by the bakery, the texture of it was very hard when it was just taken out from the fridge. However, it is very forgivable since it becomes very moist once it spends a couple of minutes outside the fridge. It is worth a try.

Rainbow Cake: The Cake I've been craving for

Some of you might be wondering the price I spend for these cakes. I spend Rp.48.400 in total (Red Velvet Chocolate Ball Rp.3500, Macaroon Rp.8000, Rainbow Cake Rp.13.000/slice, and Caramel Latte Rp.19500). To be honest, I have to consider it as not so cheap. However, the price is worth the value. I think the cake is made with a very good quality raw materials. The cakes is also very fresh.

Most importantly, they generously give free gifts for visitors who posts BlacBerry Messenger status about the Bakery (I did it because I want the free gift). Anyway, I'm wondering what gift I will receive from them because of writing this post..??? LOL.. (Just kidding..:P)

FREE GIFT..!!!!! Yummeerrssss....:D

If you are visiting or living in Jogjakarta, this bakery is worth a visit.

Bon Appetite... ^^

P.S: I am writing this article from the bakery....:)