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The sun shines very brightly in the "Gloomy Glasgow".
I was really hoping to get some shines going through my skin since I have not got them for 6 months already.. Yes.. The Gloomy Glasgow rarely gives much sunshine... *cry*

This march was a very busy months. Lot's of work to do and lot's of deadlines approaching. I have got 3 deadlines and 2 big presentation approaching. Plus, I still have a dissertation proposal to finish. Gosh my brain just cant take it any more..!

I spend my entire day in my room or in the library doing my school work during the first week of spring. That's why I did not update my blog for so long already. I really wanted to go out to the park and enjoy the warm weather which is something "expensive" for cities like Glasgow which are always gloomy. But since lot's of deadlines are approaching, I have to control my willingness, and get back to work *cry*.. Until one day I cannot take it any more. I want to go out and feel the shine.

I took a day off during the week end. I went to the park with my friends. The park was BEAUTIFUL..!

Cherry Blossoms had bloom beautifully. The park was very crowded since people are gathering enjoying their time in the "rare" sunny weather. There are kids playing in the play ground. People going tanning. Many people from different place, race, religion came to the park as becoming united in order to join the beautiful sunshine.

This is the picture of the beautiful Cherry Blossom that has bloom beautifully..

This is pictures of me and my friends enjoying the sunshine

Now the weather becomes a bit cooler compared to the previous week. I hope the sun does not go away this fast..

PLEASE SUNSHINE...!!!! DON'T GO...!!!!!!