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I was watching some makeup tutorials in youtube yesterday after I went home from uni. Lot's of the beauty makeup guru in youtube uses and suggested a makeup line called E.L.F. So, I start browsing to check out this company.

E.L.F stands for eyes, lips, face. They do not sell the make up in store (well at least in UK). They sold it's product online through their official website www.eyeslipsface.co.uk. Many makeup guru said that their products are very cheap but has a great quality like those high ends product. When I check out their official website, I have to agree that their price is very cheap. With GBP 1.5, you can buy a lipstick, a foundation, an eyeliner, or even a makeup brush. Not bad..

Being amazed by their product, I decided to "LIKE" their facebook page and register myself for their news letter. Not long after that, I receive a surprising email from them.

This is the content of the email:


I was surprised and did not know that being the 325.000th followers will means so much to ELF and bring me such luck. I followed the link they send me and put some information needed. I know this is not a scam since ELF is a very well known cosmetic company in the "makeup world".

I don't know exactly what they will be sending me, since they say that it is a "mystery gift bag". But for sure, I will update what I get from ELF. Whatever it is, I will be happy to receive them.

HEART E.L.F..!!!!