London Part 4: Third Day in London

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We woke up a bit late on the third day. Perhaps it is because we felt rally tired the other day. We had such wonderful sleep. Our room were very comfortable.

Since we had realized that we woke up late, I rushed my self on having shower and breakfast. My friend was doing the same thing. However, we had better breakfast compared to the other day. We got roasted chicken for breakfast. How can we get roasted chicken at breakfast?

The night before, we were having dinner at Nandos and ordered roasted chicken. However, we've realized that we cannot finish them all at that night. So we keep the left overs for breakfast. So the roasted chicken was the left overs from dinner. hahahha...

After having shower and breakfast, we directly go to the underground station to reach our destination. On that day, we will be going to the London Bridge. We've reached that location quite fast. However, because it was in the peak season, the underground were very full of people. We cannot even get a seat to seat in. But it was fine since the trip will only be less that 15 minutes.

Finally, we've reached the London Bridge Underground station. We've walked our way to the location of the London Bridge. We were lucky on that day because the weather were awesome. It was very sunny although a bit windy. We lead our way to the "Queen Walk" which is a riverside walking path leading to the London Bridge. I was beautiful but crowded. Many tourist were having pictures in that walk way. The walk way is very big. So it is very fine. On the river where the London Bridge was standing, there was also a very old UK Army Cruise. I forget the name of that big ship, but if I am not mistaken, it was one of the ships that went to the world war 1. It was one of Britain oldest war cruise ship.

During that walk in the "Queen Walk" we just took several pictures with the London Bridge from several different places. There were not many things to see there since the London Bridge it self is the only attraction there. We have took many great pictures of the London Bridge. We even experience our self walking on the London Bridge. We walked until the middle point of the London Bridge. Long ago the London Bridge will open and close when ships were crossing that river. But today, the river is not open for ships anymore so the London Bridge does not open and close like before.

There was not much to do there beside taking pictures of the Bridge. So we do not spent too much time there. We continue our trip to the next destination, The London Dungeon that are located somewhere near that area. It takes us a while to find that location since the location described were not that clear. But after a couple of minutes walk, we have finally reached the London Dungeon.

The London Dungeon is a popular London tourist attraction, which recreates various gory and macabre historical events in a grimly comedic 'gallows humour' style, attempting to make them appealing to younger audiences. It uses a mixture of live actors, special effects and rides.

Opening in 1974, it was initially designed as more a museum of "horrible history", but the Dungeon has evolved to become an actor-led, interactive experience. The Dungeon is operated by Merlin Entertainments.

There are several scenes of attraction in this area. It captures some "horrible history" scene that takes you to a live experience of how the horrible history. It wants you to be scared and horrified. Unfortunately, they don't quite succeed in getting my attraction to their experience. I find it more to be disgusting than scary or terrified. Maybe because I was already used to Indonesian or any Asian horror scene so that London Dungeon felt nothing for me. I cannot also take any pictures inside the London Dungeon since camera are not allowed.

We spent around 3 hours in that area. We also felt very hungry after the London Dungeon attraction. It makes sense since we have not got our lunch yet. So again, with an underground train, we take a ride to London's China Town. There are lot's of Chinese Restaurant located in that area. It is just like little China. We stopped at one of a Chinese bakery to buy my self some pieces of Egg Tart. I've been so wanting these egg tart since ages ago. Finally I can buy some Egg Tart in the UK.

After that, we stopped atone of the Chinese restaurant to buy Dumplings. That restaurant was small and it was the cheapest that we can find in that area. The waitress were not friendly at all. I think that restaurant is a small family owned restaurant operated by all the family members. In that restaurant we can see a Live attraction of the mother making the dumplings. It was attractive to me since I have never seen people making traditional Chinese Dumplings before.

A portion of Dumplings cost GBP 6 consisting 6 dumplings inside. It was quite expensive compared to the food we eat the other day. But it was fine since we needed the experience. We have to eat in the London China town somehow.

Spending a couple of minutes eating and resting our self were a great treat. But we do not want to spend time much longer since we were already very tired. My feet feels awful. So right after we finished our meal, we went back to the underground station and return back to our hotel. That day was enough for us.