First Post Of The Year

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Hei Everyone... Happy New Year to all of you..
Finally we have reached the end of 2011 and prepared to be ready for new opportunities, challenges, and chances to conquer 2012.

My first post in 2012 is dedicated to my mom and dad.

On 1st January 2012 was my mom and dad 22nd anniversary. Every year we celebrate this day together but since I lived far away from home now, I cannot be there for the anniversary party. Anyway, geographical distance and time differences surely cannot constraints me to give them an anniversary gift showing my biggest love for them. I made a small video for them. I know I am not a professional singer, but I just wanted to deliver my love for them through this song.

This song is very special for me. It suits so much for the eternal love that I received from my parents. It gives a picture of how they play the role in my life.

Thank you so much for everything..

I am everything I am.. Because you loved me..

For my Eternal Love...
My Mom and My Dad...

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