What I Buy for Boxing Day

04:55 Handini Audita 0 Comments

I know it's boxing day where many products are in massive discount. But as what I have said, I have know what I want to buy in boxing day. So I just buy an Amazon Kindle that I need for my study. What's funny is that this product is not for sale or discount in Boxing day. But I buy it anyway since I need it to read journals in a "paper less" way (printing is expensive here for me). I bought this for GBP89 in Argos. Why in Argos? It's the only store selling Kindle that opens on Boxing Day. Kindle is basically an e-book reader. What makes it special is its ability to produce e-book in it's simplicity, meaning that not too much technology attached. It does not produce bright lights so we don't get easily tired when reading the e-book. For me, it's quite a bargain. The product is so slim, light, and energy savvy. It creates convenience in reading. Must have...:*